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Respite -so the fun begins - Carers UK Forum

Respite -so the fun begins

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I recently asked mental health to signpost me to whoever may help me to get some respite. It sounds simple but I'm sure many people know different!
I have spent the day being passed from pillar to post and then sat waiting for people to call me back;which they haven't!
My husband has been left agitated, I've had to explain why I want respite to every person. He has heard this,which has increased his fears. The whole 'trauma'(yes,it has felt that bad) has left me upset,angry and feeling worthless. I've been made to feel like I have to explain myself,to strangers and for what feels like nothing! I'm really hoping after some sleep I'll feel better...
Hello Marie. You certainly are not worthless! Everyone needs respite of some sort. The situation's people find themselves in on the forum are traumatic. Someone will be able to advise you I'm sure. I am thinking of you though, and sending you a hug ((( ))). Hope you do get some sleep xx
Thank you for your comment. The whole thing has just left me so upset/annoyed and everything else!
As with most areas it seems everything is under a restructuring process alongside budget cuts... I know it's numbers to them but it's not to me.
Ill start again Monday-it's just so draining,emotionally.
The cynic in me says if it isn't recognised I need respite then it doesn't have to be provided(that's why they are trying to put off calling me back!)
Hugs are gratefully received xx
Hi Marie
Respite came about for me by asking for a Carer's assessment. The Social Worker then put my case to the finance team who agreed. In the meantime I contacted the Home and waited until they could offer me a place and Mum was willing to go.
SW then alerted the finance team as to when the respite would take place.
Much more involved story around this but that's the bare bones.
I don't know whether this helps you in your situation?
Hi Elaine,
I had a carers assessment last year where it was identified that I needed some respite. I felt we were doing ok at the time (always thinking there are others worse off!). No one pushed it from the professional side -why would they when I was saving them money?
Now I really need some time off I asked my husband's designated key worker. He hadn't got a clue! I made so many calls yesterday,with all of them sending me round in a loop. Finally, I was told by the carers centre I needed to ask for a care act assessment (formerly social care assessment) for my husband. We wouldn't have any chanc of respite without one. In all the time he has been unwell he has never had a social worker to be told yesterday he should have had one all along!! Ive rang the social care team to request an assessment-I'm waiting for them to call me back.
I think Monday will be another day of calls...at least I now know what I'm asking for!
Any progress today Marie?