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Rant about friend - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Rant about friend

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi Stillbelieving, please don't be put off posting. I think Jenny is used to being moaned at for being so forthright and not accustomed to people complementing her honesty :D
Sometimes on here it's so hard to read people without knowing much about them and just from a couple of lines.
SB, indeed PLEASE do not disappear!

As Henrietta says, I am so used (not surprisingly!) to being challenged on my own (very!) challenging views on mental illness, that I had to take into account the possibility (probablility?!!!!) that you were angry with my post and taking to sarcasm to oppose my (admittedly very harsh!) views.

I'm very chuffed you actually were agreeing with me!

I am not really so 'horrible' about those suffering (and they DO suffer) from mental illness of any kind (including anxiety - my SIL is miserable with it, and I do pity her for the torment it racks in her not-very-easy-anyway life) - it's not so much that I 'despise' those with MI as hate the illness itself and what it does to perfectly nice people! I have a (doubtless very naïve and over-optimistic!) opinion that most MI of the 'affective' type (ie, the ones that afflict one's mood, and prevent one being happy) (ie, as opposed to the 'cognitive' ones such as schizophrenia that distort the way the sufferers perceive reality) is basically a 'waste'.....

Depression and anxiety are so 'pointless'! They just screw up perfectly nice lives, and exacerbate the problems of those whose lives aren't that brilliant in the first place! And, as I opined, one of the worst aspects is that they turn decent folk into self-obsessed 'monsters' sometimes, caring only about their own misery, and making them ruthless and actually 'cruel' (ie, unfeeling and uncaring) about 'everyone else', all too often including those who love them and want the best for them.

To me, life can be tough enough anyway, just by what it throws at us (eg, I'm a cancer widow, and my son lost his wonderful dad at 15), so why make it worse by letting your own mind become your enemy and making you even MORE unhappy? So bloody 'pointless'!

(Trouble is, my jolly theories of 'self-help' and 'self-governance' etc etc to combat affective MI hits the inconvenient rock of the fact that I have to allow for some forms of affective MI being caused simply by 'physical' factors such as a genetic imbalance in our mood-determining brain chemicals.....)