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Pyschotic Depression - Carers UK Forum

Pyschotic Depression

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi there,

Recently my partner had an acute psychotic break, which was diagnosed as a pyschotic depression. My partner is now hospitalised and I'm reaching out for support and advice. I keep being referred to as a carer, when really I think I'm just being there for someone I'm so in love with.

It is tough, going into hospital and not knowing what to expect and helping my partner get out of some deep depressive states.

I'm unsure of what to expect when my partner comes home- what kind of care plan would they put together? How likely is it that my partner will have a psychotic break when they come out- although they are medicated?

Has anyone else been through this with a loved one? I am completely clueless and feel as though I currently have no one to relate to- as no one seems to talk about it!

Thanks x
Hi cielobuttercup (love the name!)
I have a relative who has been sectioned twice. Unfortunately systems are stretched at the moment and carers get very little help or support. Yes this crisis has catapulted you from being a partner to being a carer as well. Anything to do with mental illness is a very long haul with plenty of ups and downs
I'd suggested you start getting informed about his illness, both Mind and Rethink are good. They even have carers forums, I think

He's likely to have what looks like minimal support when he comes out, and there won't be any training or guidance for you, best always to expect the minimum and if there's more, good. Hence why to learn about it for yourself.

However, you must realise that he must be the one responsible for his own health and progress. You can support but he must do most of it (and there are time he won't ). Don't fall into the trap of being responsible for him or his illness, it's very easy to dragged down into it, or be overly sympathetic and enable him to not progress.

To be able to survive and to support him you need to look after yourself emotionally and physically, maybe even financially and socially too. This all means being strong and clear, getting out each day, fresh air, exercise, time away either breaks or work (or both!), healthy eating, counselling, medication etc
Sounds like a long list but if you add each bit in one at a time you will find you are able to cope over the longer term.

Forums such as this are brilliant. If you look down the threads in the Mental Health section you'll see just how many people are in the same boat but we'd never recognise each other in the street or at work. This is a good way of making contacts who understand.

Sorry if this is all too much at once, but do keep referring back to it, ask questions, join or start up other threads. You are not alone.
Mental Health forums ?

MIND ... as recommended by Mrs. A ... and a couple of other major ones :



https://www.mind.org.uk/information-sup ... lefriends/

I hope they prove to be of some assistance.