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cognitive analytical therapy?!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi, my partner is about to undergo 16 weeks of C.A.T and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of this? Already just through his current counselling he comes away very agitated and stressed, so much so he had a break down at the weekend and began self harming again and was experiencing strong suicidal thoughts. He says that the intensity of this next therapy almost guarantees he will struggle to cope and the incidents over the weekend will likely reoccur. I don't know how to help him. Previously I thought I was doing well to support him but he indicated that actually some of my actions were disabling him- ie. Taking on more responsibility with our baby to take the pressure off of him, so I'm completely lost. I have been caring for him for quite some time- during my pregnancy which was a toughie anyway and then whilst trying to adapt to being a new mum. I'm a little burnt out myself and just want to get things right. Any help, advice or anecdotes would be really welcome xxx
Ho kari, when i had counselling with a mental healrhnurse it left me feeling pretty bad which i assume is because you have all these buried feelings coming to the surface and mental health nurses are trained to be on the ward and in the community and even with some training in this area it is,not the same as a qualified phycotherapist who makes sure you have stability first before tackling big emotional things. Though obviously i dpnt know the type of qualification the counsellor your husband sees. When i also did work in overeaters nontmous a 12 step programme i felt really suicidal for 4 days after talking about things. But they arepeople who are fellow sufferesof an eating disorder and no more trained than me! Now i see a properly qualified phychotherapist. In this area of work and am also going to see one on the nhs. I have been told by both ofthem it is important to haveemotional stability first to cope such as doung self help strategies like meditation. I have been recommended a book by the nhs pycotherapist called the compassionate mind in preparation. I was also told to have two days after each session in self. Soothactivity such as baths walks entle musicetc so your instinct was right to help your husband i thibk he needs to discuss his worrys a good practicioner will want to keep him safe. Hope that ghelps a bit. Congratulations on the baby you have a lotof emotional things going on for yoy.
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Hi Kari
sounds to me that the issues being addressed at the sessions are ones that have been repressed for a very long time. CAT is not as simple as what i'm about to say but it's basic idea is to determine why you think the way you do, were you nurtured this way or were you fed seeds? Has this behaviour increased since the birth? Is there a history of suicide in the family? Finally the counsellor has a duty of care to make sure that the client leaves every session SAFE. Who recommended CAT?
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Good luck