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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi all first post for me.
I have been supporting my wife for 18 months, she has depression and anxiety.
She is taking Olanzapine and is putting weight on which is depressing her more, even after cutting down on what she eats weight still not coming down.
Is it the tablets and if so will cutting down on food make any difference.
Thanks for reading, any comments will be thankfully received.
Hi - I don't know about the meds themselves, but depression might well be linked to over-eating, as food may be a comfort to her??

This might be hard to achieve, but it would be brilliant if you could encourage her to take exercise (even just going for walks). This will not only gear up her metabolism, but also burn calories, but, best of all, will stimulate the release of the body's own feel-good hormones, our endorphins, and so help to tackle her depression.
Hi David

My son gained weight when he took Olanzapine. It is a recognised side-effect and a reason for non-compliance. He eventually changed to another medication. There is a small study reported in Wikipedia that suggests the soluble form of Olanzapine (disperses in the mouth) causes less weight gain.

Has your wife asked her GP if she can take something else?
Hi Dave
I have read that one of the side effects of olanzapine can be weight gain. I would suggest that it's not the amount of food but the type of food which is most important. It might give you and your wife an interest and something to do together if you set about researching 'healthy' foods. There will probably be some you have never tried. Could be a bit of an adventure. One important thing is to find things that can be 'nibbled' instead of crisps, cakes and biscuits, but which don't add on any extra weight.
As Jenny says, exercise is a great booster for a feeling of well being and to control that weight. Doesn't mean you have to join a gym! Start with a walk round the block every day. Go for a swim. Buy a bike. Do not let your wife end up feeling fat and looking at one lettuce leaf on a plate for dinner. Not a cure for depression!
Get your wife on board in do herself good campaign. Won't hurt you either!