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Plz can anybody suggest anything to help - Carers UK Forum

Plz can anybody suggest anything to help

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My schizophrenic son is ranting and being verbally aggressive I'm in bits and don't know how to deal with it. His dad who he doesn't see very often took him out for a drink and apparently they had a lovely time. He came home and straight away was ranting at me that I've apparently emotionally neglected him all his life and manipulated him his comments really hurt as I've always tried to help him and every time I speak he mocks me and mimics my voice . I really feel like I can't go on now
Hi Debra
Sorry, no experience of your son's condition, but I know how really annoying it is when someone mimics and mocks. It's a guaranteed wind up. What would happen if you walked away and ignored him? Would he react badly?
I hope someone will be along to suggest what professional help you could get, but I just wanted you to know someone is 'listening'.
Hi Debra
I've no real experience of this either. I suspect the drink has brought the worst out in him. Can you do as Elaine suggests and walk away from him while he's ranting at you? If you don't respond he can't mock and mimic you. It's a horrible situation for you. He is ill though so try hard not to take it personally. Oh, I truly know that's almost impossible ,been there with my husband who has dementia. The cruel things said were due to illness and not spite. Thinking very much of you
If I walk away he follows me I've been trying for half an hour to make myself a coffee! Thank you for your replies it's making me feel not quite so alone
Can you call anyone? Is there an emergency team? How about getting his dad to come back and sort him out? Other family? Any danger of real violence, in which case dial 999?
Thinking of you.
Thank you for all your kind comments it does help to know there are people out there. Just an update my son carried on ranting for quite some time it wasn't an option to call his dad as he doesn't want his dad to know all this as he is an alcoholic and my son fears he will turn to drink again I have to respect that . My son eventually fell asleep and I went to bed . At 1am he knocked on my bedroom door quite distressed at the voices in his head so I spent 2 hours talking to him which I'm glad I did as we ended up having a heart to heart talk and we both felt much calmer. I'm exhausted today tho ! Thank goodness this forum exists as the crisis Team have proved to be not very helpful unless you are prepared to go to hospital and sit for 3 hours to be sent home again with the advice to keep taking the medication ! So I do appreciate your kind words thank you x