Any advice to Calm her down.

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi my mother has been commited two times in the past for her personality disorder, she is now terminally ill through cancer. I think both her history and her pain meds are contributing to her current state of mind, of course it is possible the cancer has spread to her mind as she now no longer makes any sense at all.

I know this is a very general question but talking to her about silly things and tv programmes keeps her distracted and she stays calm but it seems the moment I stop talking she cries or screams - just wondering if anyone has any advice about how to distract her or if I should be doing this at all? She told me before she was this ill that the Bible saved her when she was previously institutionalised even though I'm not religious I thought I could read it to her. Could anyone who is very religious recommend some passages that would console her?
What about tapes playing a story, bible story or otherwise.

You can get talking books, I'm sure I've seen them in libraries.
You can get talking books from the library, the main ones usually have a large selection, though the smaller branches tend to be a bit limited as to what they have available, but they will get them in for you.
My oh finds it difficult to hold a book and is continually losing his place, but talking books are great Image
Alternatively, when you have time, you could compile a tape of you talking about anything as perhaps it is the sound of your voice she finds comforting.