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Post Traumatic stress Disorder - Carers UK Forum

Post Traumatic stress Disorder

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I've been posting for a while now & I would just like to know if there is any other carers out there who care for a loved one with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, & Endoginus depression that means they have suffered with depression since childhood,also severe anxiety.
I would be grateful for any replies Deb x Image
Hi Debbie

I'm caring for my ill husband for 7 years. Problems started shortly after we got married so I used to blame myself but our marriage wasn't the reasons of his illness - his ex-boss and his misconduct triggared unpleasant memories. We decided not to have children.

The diagnoses have been changed recently, now he's got a much nicer Psychiatrist: he's Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Severe Depression & Borderline Personality Disorder. Thanks for the info about "Endoginus depression" my husband does match to this but his conditions were not treated on the spot.....

Like so many other carers and ill people, we'd so much negative experiences and crises at the early years. Since my husband accepted being ill and the current diagnoses thing are a bit better to cope. But PTSD & Personality Disorders are not understood very well by community, even many medical proffesionals don't know or don't accept or no interest and so on.

I've been working with my local carers support service for some time. As we were given (and still now) lots of support and practical advice etc, when I can I try to share our stories with them and others. I found this is a better way to speak out.

Hope you're well Image
Hiya Debbie and Fluffcat
My partner also suffers from complex PTSD,I find it very difficult emotinally sometimes,not a lot of other people seem to understand it unfortunately,it's what you could definitely describe as a "hidden disability" Image

All the best
Hi Celt,

Sorry to hear about partner suffering with PTSD, & like you said" It can be very emotinal sometimes".
My husband was lucky because the consultant who he was under was from Holland & was qualified in EMDR which stops flashbacks. look it up on Google!!!
They are only just teaching this now over in this country because they have reconised that it works.
I've got to say that fingers crossed since the treatment he hasn't had 1 flashback & thats BRILL!! because up until then he had had them daily for for 39yrs!!!!!!!!! Image
He still has depression & anxiety & is on the waiting list for CBT but I have been informed that could be 7-10 months, its a joke & he is an urgent case or so I'm told so god help you if your not.
Please if your partner is suffering with flashbacks look into it futher & ask about EMDR.

Take care & lets keep smiling Deb xx Image
Hi Debbie,
My partner was offered EMDR a couple of years ago,but after researching it,neither of us thought it would work for him,as his PTSD is from multiple causes unfortunately Image
He carried on with his normal counselling and was then offered CBT,which he received(luckily)within a couple of months......It's definitely helped,but like he says,his flashbacks haven't gone away,they've just decreased in power.(he's now up to something like 20 sessions,including breaks of a few weeks here and there,over the space of a year)
I'd definitely recommend CBT,having seen the change in my partner Image Bloody hard work,but for my partner,certainly worth it!!!!!!
I'm glad the EMDR worked for your partner though,Debbie Image

Hi Celt,

Just to let you know there are 2 types of EMDR!!! & my husband opted for the milder one this being less intrusive & cut down the chance of an added developed illness.

Thanks for letting us know about the CBT sounds like your partner is having success with it but like you said it sounds like its going to be hard work. Image

My partner has got emotinal issues as well as anxiety & depression so hopefully the CBT will help alot.

Take care Deb xx Image
My partner has got emotinal issues as well as anxiety & depression so hopefully the CBT will help alot.

Take care Deb xx Image
Hi Deb,
All of the above(and sometimes more,unfortunately) come under the umbrella of PTSD.

My partner said that the CBT hasn't cured the flashbacks,but does lessen the power of them.

Celt Image

Hiya everyone, my 13 yr old son suffers with ptsd depression, panick and anxiety attacks.
so i understand how you all feel, just wks ago i to was told i have ptsd to.
i also suffer with depression, ocd, ect the list is long.
It is a very hard condition to live with, and to care for somebody you love living with ptsd.
But your love and support you give to that person you love who suffers with ptsd is the best thing you can do.
Its hard to understand ptsd, when my son was seeing hes specialist i could just relate to everythink my son was saying and going through, then i got told i have it to.
Which is hard to live with, but for my son it's perfect as he knows i fully understand him.
I would just like to pass on my love to everyone who has ptsd and for the carers.
Thanks Janice, I understand , I will not talk on here but I send you and your son much love and support.
Hi Janice Image
my daughter (now 18)also has similiar to your son(school bullying from the age of 4 had a lot to do with it)I removed her from school and home educated her fora year at the age of 5 and from the ages of 11 until 16.
thankyou for your kind wishes.