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Post traumatic stress - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Post traumatic stress

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
debbie how is everything going hun?
Hi Pixienubbins,

Well up until the 12th Aug Crisis Team were still involved but then on that morning 2 Occupational therapist turned up at out house to do an assessment & told me Crisis had pull out.
Just wish somebody had told us!!!
They did there assessment then said it would be taken to the meeting on the 20th Aug.
I was more interested in who was taking care of my husband at this point because nothing had changed with regards his illness.

It was apparently ourselves!! because Oldham thought they had met there criteria of transfer & Burnley were still digging in there heels until the 20th.

Burnley manager said I could ring the duty team through the day, & crisis team through the night if things got bad but other than that see you on the 20th.

Well the handover has finally gone through & my husband is going to be working with a O T on a weekly basis to help him get over some issues. They are going to send him for a psychiatric assessment within the next couple of weeks, the only trouble is some of the waiting list are a long time.

They don't really know what is going to happen about the flashbacks as they don't know of anybody trained to do EMDR so he will have to see if when his anxiety levels get better he might be able to manage them better because at the moment they are happening all day & waking him up in the night it's just that debilitating he hasn't got much quality of life.

At least the he is getting some care now which I'm glad off just sorry he had to get so poorly, & the handover took 5 months.We did complain to PALS & Oldham were right the transfer of care should have gone through within 21 days, so now that makes me think Burnley could have taken responsibility for my husbands care alot sooner!!!!!!!!!

Sorry its so long but thats whats been happening.

Hope everything is ok! with you & your getting by ok!!
Take care Deb x

Thanks for your suggestion I've talked to my husband about the rewind therapy & he said when he goes to the consultant he will talk to them about it.
I will keep you posted.

Take care Deb x
thanks for the update

sounds like they have their head up bottom though with regards to your hubbys care.

I still have the cds u sent me wendy,, if nothing else debbie- get a copy of her hubbys music, its excelent!

I am still waiting for the go ahead to listen to the CDs, ive behaved, i havent although ihave been tempted!

They definitely messed up but hopefully things will improve from now on.

I will have to ask Wendy for a copy of her Husbands music sounds like its been good for you.

You make sure you behave!

Take care Deb x
me nutty nurse,, she said my sub conscious is wot gives me the bad nights and it might make it worse
she siad when she thinks im ready she will tell me as she believes hypnotherpy is a gr8 idea
Hi All,

Thanks for the offer the cds Wendy but like you said it will be easier all round if I download it from the web.

I would however love to have a copy of your fear & phobia cd because i think it would be really beneficial to my hubby.
I think its great that your learning hypnotherapy because it can only be more beneficial & add to the skills you already have.

Hope everything is ok with you at the moment Pixie?

Take care all Deb xx