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Post traumatic stress - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Post traumatic stress

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi Debbi

It does not sound right that leaving your husband with no support for 5 months! Can GP get involved?

My husband also had a bad period when he had constant flashbacks + nightmares. Lack og sleep has been discussed over over and over but until recently, the psychiatrist was very reluctant to prescribe sleeping tablet or some thing elese. As it was much needed, my husband was on Zopiclone 7.5mg as a short cource of treatment. As it works so well it can be addictive but as long as less than 2 weeks or as needed bases it would not be a problem.

Hope your husband gets support what he needs soon...

Take care.
Hi fluffycat,

Haven't spoken to you in a while nice to hear from you.
We tried to get the doctor involved but she doesn't like prescribing medication without the consultants say so & he discharged him in March so he won't do anything. He had Zopiclone but they changed it cos it didn't suit him. Hopefully I'm going to speak to them all today.

Hope your husbands doing OK?
Take care Deb x
i was upa t 4 as i had a bad dream and matt woke me up to get me out of it

and turned the tv on to a program about ptsd being a money spinner and how so many people claim compensation for it, some are getting near on 80 grand! no amount of money will get rid of me bad dreams, flash backs and panics. id rahter just enjoy the good days, sleepon the bad and just makes sure the kids r ok

hope ur carees r feeling better today, u cant not be eft with out care, thats unethical, unsafe and inmoral, and jusst down right unfair to both of u
a sign of the times, red tape across everything

I've been up a couple of times in the night with my husband because of the nightmares & the flashbacks.
Like you said NO amount of money would help, he just wants rid of these terrible nightmares & flashbacks.

As for his CPN's & Consultants Managers from both Towns we have been let down by both sides. We have told them its unacceptable. My daughter has told them she will be making a formal complaint about both services & how they both neglected her father's care. I feel like they are trying to make excuses for there incompetence every time I speak to them.

I hope you manage to catch up on some rest today but I know that will be hard because of the children.

Take care for now Deb x
Hi Fluffycat,

I forgot to say I did speak to them all yesterday & what a waist of time!!!!!
His CPN who had been off sick for over a week & returned on Monday! Now wouldn't you have thought that with all thats been going on she could have had the decency to phone my husband.
Well we are still waiting for that call it was only after I rang her boss yesterday saying she hadn't phoned my husband that he told me she would ring TODAY.

Then I rang Burnley who were suppose to be arranging a home visit for sometime this week & that hasn't even been discussed yet so they will get back to me TODAY. I just hope they all realise its Friday tomorrow & thats another week over.
So they can see why you get a bit fed up!!!!!!!!!

Deb xx
it took me ages to just get taken seriously, i went to the dr complaing about the bad dreams and flash backs, the panics when i was out and that if i saw a white skoda felicia i was having panic attacks anf flashbacks int he middle of town and had even caused criminal damage to one! this wasnt good enough, i was told i needed a rest , then after the thrid christmas of leaving matt (as christmas was when the plank done wot he done to me and amy) i went back tot he dr and saw my normal dr, he agreed i had some sort of problem and put me on anti-depressenants, and i waited to see a councellor-- 3 months later i saw a woman who made me feel like i should just kill my self, so i left it all thinking it was a phase and i would get over it. It was amy having her operation and being made unconsious by a man again that made me go back tot he dr and he reffered me to a mental health team-- i saw them regular, i always attend, and they have sort of forgotten about me as well but i seem to be ok , i will chase them up september to get meself through chrimbo, im lucky i know that is my main trigger for behaviour that i can not control it took a few years to realise it and poor matt and his girls have gone to hell andback because of me, but no more,
i am fighting my self, or rather who i have become

i hope your other halfs realsie how lucky they r to have some one fghting these battles for them, good luck xx
Thanks Debbie Image

It has been managerable that is simply because we are not hustled by the Police this year so far...But, I do not know why it has been so hard for my husband - he could be more active in the warmer weather, except this year. I had to start another course of anti-depressant since last autumn but I feel reasonable. Like pixienubbins said, I could not bear with myself and I felt I was traumatised by my negative experiences, such as seeing my husband's various crises that you could imagine.

pixienubbins, I was in the same situation as you with MH serivces. They discharged me recently as they could not find "right criteria" with me as they still do not understand about Carer's role can affect to our mental welbeing. I agreed to that desition as I also found that they would not be fulpful unless I become mentally ill... But luckily I found something to focuce - I have been involved in the local MH Carer's development team that I increaced my commitment and so far I enjoy working with them. And, unfortunately, medication is some help for me and it is better than going through some so called support service (not Carer's) Image Image Image Image Image Image

Take care allxxx
Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not replying sooner only my husband could no longer cope with such vivid flashbacks day & night also constant nightmares. So while everybody kept telling me SORRY!! we cannot see your husband yet, due to protocol & a 3 month ruling. Myself & my daughter took him to A & E & also rang the crisis team who sent one of there team down there to meet us as well. He was then given a general assessment by the crisis team & an on call Doctor who decided that he need care straight away.

He is now being seen by the crisis team daily they said all the stress he is under won't be helping his mental health or the flashbacks. They have gone mad at the fact its taken so long for his case to be transfered. I told them I've complained to Pals about both Oldham & Burnley for not providing a duty of care to my husband. It's only the Crisis teams that I would never find fault with they have always shown such commitment & care to my husband.

At least now they are coming daily & he will get to see one of there consultants next week.
I just hope they look at some of his medication & see if they can give him something to help him to sleep.

I'm sorry for going on about all my own troubles at the moment but I really do think about you all to, even if I don't always post.

Hope your all OK?
I'm glad you have found something for yourself fluffycat because I know how difficult that can be at times.
Love to you all take care Deb x Image
Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would let you know that today my husband is finally seeing a consultant from within the crisis team he is coming at 9am can't wait. I just hope he changes some of his medication or gives him a stronger dose because he has only been on the starter dose since June which surely isn't right for him.

He also has both cpn's arriving today as well so that should be fun!! I'm going to ask them before the meeting starts who is going to be responsible for my husbands care from this day on because we are fed up of being past back & forth.
I will keep you posted of the out come.
Hope everyones doing fine
Thinking of you all, take care Deb x

It's now Saturday the 8th August & we are no further on than we were last week.
The only good thing is that my husband still remains under the crisis team until the 20th August now because thats when the handover takes place.
The Doctor did turn up but didn't want to start messing with my husbands medication so because he was having trouble sleeping has now given him some sleeping tablets.They work for about 4 hours then the dreams & flashbacks wake him so we are back to square one, plus the flashbacks are happening on & off all day so you cant win.
The only good thing to come from all this is that at least he is getting support from the crisis team
& without them I don't know what we would have done.

Take care Deb x