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Post traumatic stress

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
contary to popular belief i do have enough marbles to hopefully help those that are caring for some one with deression or post traumatic stress to maybe understnad what their caree is going through , hopefully this will help some one on here.

Post traumatic stress is evil, the flash backs and panics caused by them is horrendous, sometimes they r so vivid its like u back where everything happenend and u r watching it again, it can last for seconds or days. To cope is hard and trying to calm yourself back in to the room with other people is embarassing and sometimes feels impossible.

Its frustraiting , which causes short temperedness and the inability to explain what it feels like is exhusting, you feel ill with it, when u realsie u have lost a whole day or even a week and have no idea of anything thats happenend because your head has been so busy making u relive a nightmare. Sleep is disturbed and sometimes the fear to even fall asleep is just as bad. Tablets take the edge off it but do not cure it and therepy just helps u cope and understand.

Anyting can trigger off an episode, smell, sound, something some one says, stressful situations and sometimes there seems to be no trigger.

It leaves the sufferer depressed about it, low mood, lack of will and scared. I cant go out after my episode on monday, im to scared to incase i get another bout of it in the middle of town, ican get to the local shop and take amy to the bus stop but if i didnt have to i wouldnt, normally i keep her off school but ive managed to get over that, although i dont want her away from me i cant make her suffer because of me.

Matt has said he sometimes doesnt knowwot to expect when he gets in, if im going to be happy, sad or just an epty shell functining with out knowing who i am or what i am doing. I have hurt myself several times because my head is else where and ive got in a panic because something im looking for isnt where it should be (because in my head im in my old house but cant see my own kitchen for looking)

I wake him up in the night with nightmares, paniked and scared and not knowing where i am, i feel terrible the next day as his gone to work feeling shattered after calming me down, and im petrified of my own mind. I have to get on with everything as normal or like this morning go up stairs , sit on my bed and just breath.

Its very hard to consentraite, and its hard to try to be consistant with moods and its terrifying to think what could happen to yourself during a flashback , you are not in the room when it happens, u r back there, your body is there but your not .
When i ask matt what it is like he says-- u have been like it since ive known u, its a bit tough sometimes but hey u watch me fly off a bike at high speeds , swings and roundabouts.

it does make me shut off, i find emotions hard because if i do let them out fear might seep in, and thats it, i know fear is one of my biggest triggers so to shut of emotionaly seems at times the only way for me to cope, but i know it efects those around me.

If u r caring for some one suffering this give them a hug, reassure them, be calm as hard as that can be , look them in the face and if they r back with u tell them u love them and remind them they r safe. sometimes all it takes is a strong hug for a few minutes, almost like u would reassure a child frightened

hope this helps at least one person at some point , im now off to be silly in another thread Image
Thanks pixienubbins, it is well described.

My husband has got it with multiple traumatic events in his childhood which is called Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Those who have trauma and if they are not treated properly, it will likely to develop some forms of Personality Disorder later in thier lives. Unfortunately, my husband has got both.

I wish there are some good treatment available for at least to manage the flashbacks and vivid deams. He has been treated by medication (anti-depressant and mood stabliser). CBT made him worse Image Image Image
My Husband has (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) suffered for 18 years now , since serving in the army , i find it very difficult to get him out house as the least nose of a radio etc can set him off , and his flashbacks can be very violent which he has no relocation of the incident. even at night has rely bad night mares ,
he is on antidepressant tablets for his flashbacks ECT! no other treatments' .
it dose feel at times we are let down as is not just the person we care is suffering it us too.
Love you Pix, you are one lovely lady.

Blue xx
Thank you so very much for giving us insight to this
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pixie.....I know it's not easy to describe just how an illness affects a person. I would say that you are a strong person to cope with all that you do ((((hugs))))))
i do like the momets though when it doesnt effect me,, we have hospital on thursday to discuss amys op,, when ithink about it it triggers off a hel of alot, luckily matt understands and his been good about it ,
I got told at my last appointmnet -- corinne u r ill,, i smiled and said yup mad as a march hair (whihch didnt go down to well) but this time the nutty nurse had told the surgeon amys mum finds it hard so please remeber that and sent him a letter detailing everything

shes a good nurse and has become more like a friend , she said she might have to hand my case over and then argued not to, she said i make her laugh, she looks forward to our time im the most sane nutter she knows (i take that as a complement!lol)
Hi Pixienubbins

Its good to read a persons first hand experiences about PTSD in so much detail. I thought which now seems stupid of me that my husband had been cured of this terrible ordeal how wrong was I. 2yrs ago my husband was given a treatment called EMDR which after four sessions stopped the flashbacks. After 12months he had CBT but still suffered anxiety & depression but no the flashbacks have returned.

Just like you said I can tell when he his having one because he starts sweating & the look of fear on his face is enough for me.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Take care Deb x
i think it becomes so much a part of life its not even realised after years of it.

i had a episode last night, for no reason and today was so incredibly shattered i explained to amy i felt tiered and she let me sleep!

The flashbacks have been coming nearly all day & during the night now, so he tries to sleep as much as possible to block it out. We are waiting to see his CPN & a new Consultant as we have moved house & now live in a different town & there policy is we have got to live in the town for 3 months before they transfer my husbands case. Well by the time we see them, it will actually be 5 months & my husbands health had gone from bad to worse.

It maddens me so much because while these people play about with peoples lives its somebody I've loved & cared for all our married life.

Hope you have had a better day today!
Take care Deb x