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Planned inpatient - what questions should I ask - Carers UK Forum

Planned inpatient - what questions should I ask

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My son is going to be taken in as a planned inpatient in the next week or two. My brain totally froze when the psychiatrist told me. Not that he doesn't need it, but we have been struggling for so long, I was in a bit of shock!

She asked if I had any questions, but my mind was totally blank. Even though we are now home, I still can't think of anything I might need to ask. Anybody got any experience of this? What might I need to know/ask that I may not have thought about?
I've had seven operations, I always take a new pillow (infection control means new one) plus some floral pillowslips, so staff don't take them. Hospital pillows have a polythene cover which makes your head very sweaty. Also think about taking in some individual fruit juice cartons or bottled drinks. Tissues are also useful. Ask what clothing they would like him to have, and make sure you give him a special bag to put dirty laundry in for you. Also find out who his "named nurse" is, and how to contact him/her, so that if you need to know how he is, you have the direct dial number. These are just practical things, but do help.
Ask when ward round is, if you can attend, how this can be arranged. Who's the Psychiatrist and how do you contact them. Who's the ward manager and contact details. Treatment plan once assessed. Make sure nursing/medical staff have your son's permission to speak to you. Find out visiting time, is this flexible. Ensure your fully involved in any discharge plan?? Ask items you CANT take to ward. How will he be assessed.
Named nurse very important too, as above mentioned. Some of your son's things to keep occupied if suitable. Remember he'll be dressed all day therefore comfy clothes.. A note pad and pen for any notes.
Is your son being admitted to a psychiatric ward. Ask if they provide a guide for patients that give details such as the ward rutine . Who people are and what activities they provide. Some hospitals offer carers support this can be a named person on the ward they may also have a carers guide. Please take care sending you hugs.
Thank you guys - I will put your suggestions to good use.

I have done a little bit of research and it looks like a really nice unit. Fingers crossed the staff will be easy to talk to. We are hoping to organise a visit early next week, before he is admitted, so I'll go prepared with a list of questions.