Just thought I'd pop on here with an update.
He came home for couple of days for his therapy, I didn't want him to drive there and back as its a 5hr round trip.
I did see some progress, and he said he is feeling a bit better. But those couple of days were a bit of a disaster. He keeps saying how now he Hayes the whole industry he's in (first time um hearing that) and how he doesn't want to do that job anymore. I said to him then it's fine, but he needs to be making those decisions when he's well. That didn't go down well, he ended up being mean again and I ended up in tears. He did come into the bedroom after awhile and tried to diffuse things, which is a progress I guess. Normally he would just hide in the spare room.
We did have another fights just before he left back to his sisters though, because I've asked him not to smoke weed an hour before he's supposed to be driving for over 2 hrs. And if he gets pulled over he could lose his license. This ended with him saying he can't even think for himself, and punching a hole through the desk, and destroying the draw below it.
He then left in tears, but came back an hour later, and we had calmer conversation. He is back at his sister's, but I feel like we didn't really get anywhere.