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Mental Health Advert on TV - Carers UK Forum

Mental Health Advert on TV

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Ive just seen this advert about not being afraid to talk about mental health?

Is it me or is that advert somewhat condescending?

It annoyed me for some reason.
I havnt seen it Simon.

Hi Simon,
I've seen it, I think for those of us who have experience of menatal health problems it may seem that way, but for many who haven't it's supposed to be informative.
There's a fine line.....
I was just glad to see something, better than the usual bury the head in the sand approach!
Yes Simon I've seen it. Not sure what I think of it. On the plus side, if it gets people talking about mental health ... that's got to be good thing.

Im inclined to agree buts its the way in which they have portrayed the mental health problem that concerns me, mental health doesnt mean they will go mad and munch on a model building or throw a show.
Most often its hidden, and the person becomes reclused and withdrawn not wanting to face the day etc.
I just think its been portrayed very badly, I dunno, mixed feelings about it,
I think the problem with it is that for us who know and have some understanding, the advert throws up uncomfortable images. They tried to tackle the way people "see" mental health and the various expectations of somehow tackling a taboo subject that shouldn't be taboo. At least they didn't make one of the possible reactions a knife attack!

It reminded me of when my boss of a few years ago announced that she had breast cancer - and the next day had her op. Staff were a little shocked and wondering how to talk to her when she came back. To me, it was obvious: treat her the same way as you would have anyway.