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Normal Mental health team routine? - Carers UK Forum

Normal Mental health team routine?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi everyone, I am new here and thought I would share my partners mental health team experience, to see how different/same they are in different parts of the country. My Partner has been diagnosed with Bipolar.

I come from Cornwall, and my partners first port of call was the GP who refered him to the local team in Cornwall. At the time he was extremely anxious and couldn't go out of the front door. He was seen at home by a psyche doc and a CPN. After the initial consultation they returned by letter saying he was Bipolar (rapid cycling) and put him on Epilim. This worked well in stabilsing his mood swings. I was told by the team that I could get counselling also, being his carer (I had just lost my Mum to cancer also not sure if this had made a difference).

After a few months we had to move to Yorkshire to be near my partners son (one of which is physically disabled and help with his care was needed). He sank into a dpressive episode.

My partner was referred to the mental health team in the Wakefield area. So far he has had a full consultation at home, and one appointment as an outpatient at hospital. These are to be continued every month until the new meds are at the right level. he is on Mirtazepine and Olanzepine.

The meds are working although he is a zombie at the moment, sleeping 14+ hours a day (awake until early hours of the morning). He doesn't wake up until 5pm at the moment.

I havent been offered counselling this time, although I have gone through my own GP and am on the waiting list.

I would be interested to hear other peoples experiences concerning mental health teams.

Many thanks, and its great to find this place

Pickles xx
my husbands on quetiapine we r in devon hello. Merry christmas
I dont have much faith in any of this system at all, they always feel they know best, and as far as I am concerned, they come into our lives and not us into theres
I agree with you. The psyche doc my partner sees seems to reel off pre learned statements that seem to apply to everyone, not him personally. The health visitor even said to my partner that if he took a bath he would feel much better..if only the life of the person with mental health problems were that simple!! There hasn't been any understanding of what my partner goes through everyday. They generalise so much.
My partner has been down the 'your depressed' road..and the appointment we had at home the psyche told him was just going to treat him for depression. At the time he was going through a dysphoric mania. To someone who doesn't understand what that means, its like mania but without the happiness. He was angry, moody, agitated and spiralling out of control. At this my partner walkd out of his own house in anger because the psyche doc just wasn't listening to him. I then had to stop the psyche doc walking out saying he could do nothing for him. To say I was angry put it mildly. It scares me to think what would have happened if I wasn't there to shout my partners case. So eventually he prescrbed him the antipsychotic for the mania. What happens to people who live alone and in this situation?

I have managed many times to stop my partner from being hospitalised, but it seems the view they have is that if they have never been sectioned, there is no problem. I'm not blowing my own trumpet, but if I wasn't around, I would hate to think what state my partner would be in, it does fall on my shoulders and that makes me feel angry and used. Not used by my partner, I love him unconditionally..but used by the system.