My daughter has BPD

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi Gemma

My son, diagnosed with schizophrenia, has ups and downs all the time. When he is 'getting bad' he tends to be very sensitive to perceived criticism and frequently flies into a rage. I say 'perceived' because often what someone says is not intended as criticism at all. He also gets into trouble with the police because they, understandably, are not going to pussyfoot around him if he is shouting and carrying on in the street. Hence several charges of Disorderly Behaviour. He never seems to learn, which suggests he might not be able to control his mood at these times.

However, during one hospital stay he was treated with Depakote, which is used for people in the manic phase of bipolar. This certainly calmed him down. If you follow this link: ... -disorder/

you'll see that to 'be angry or irritable, especially if someone contradicts or questions you' is a symptom of bipolar-like mania.

I wonder if any of this might be helpful in handling your daughter?
Ah, I may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick - I was understanding Borderline Personality Disorder, rather than Bipolar.

I do think - and now I'm going TOTALLY out on a limb, and experts (ie, those who have had to cope with severe MH in their carees) may well shoot me down in flames, but I personally always distinguish between COGNITIVE disorders/illnesses, like schizophrenia, which affect the patient's ability to understand the world (and themselves), and AFFECTIVE disorders/illnesses, like personality disorders and depression, which are just about how they feel.

To my mind, the former are the serious MH illnesses. The latter are far more (to my jaundiced mind!) far more about 'egoistical self-obsession' (!) (???????????????????) and/or life-trauma-induced maladaptation. Th

I probably ought to back out of this thread now, as my own prejudices are showing up pretty screamingly! (in my defence, I cite my own life-trauma-induced maladtation to having been raised by a mother who may, yes, have had schizophrenia, but also definitely had a PD as well, that made her highly self-obsessed!

The bottom line with all MH is that it is SO hard to determine just what the sufferer COULD do IF they 'made an effort''s SO hard for outsiders like me to know where the 'responsibility line' starts....or ends.
Actually, Jenny, I think you have the right end of the stick and I'm wrong. DBT (dialectical behavoiur therpay) is used for Borderline.

Apologies to Gemma, and perhaps she could enlighten us?