Mum has mental health issues

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My brother and my mum owns the house. I'm hoping to move out in July to live with my husband (got married last July). My oldest daughter stayed on in school for an extra 2yrs so I didn't want to distupt my daughters studying. I was hoping to contact someone in the same situation so i could find out how I can help my mum. I wouldn't want to be where my mum is. It must be so scary for her.
That makes things much easier.

So a realistic goal would be to move out as soon as exams are over, then everyone can be well settled in your new home with your husband before the following school year starts. As you married in July of course you should be together.

Mum is clearly ill at the moment. You want to know she will be well cared for when you go. So first step to arrange care for her when you are gone is to write to Social Services, send the letter Recorded Delivery (so they can't claim not to have received it!) and ask them to do a Needs Assessment for mum, and quite separately, a Carers Assessment for you (done privately away from mum's home. Do NOT agree to a paper or phone assessment. Insist on face to face.

The next step will be a financial assessment for mum, to see how much she must pay towards the cost of her care. If she has over £23,000, it will be all. This would be a good time to help mum bring together all her financial papers into one ring binder or file, and to arrange for you to have a Power of Attorney set up. (You should also think about this for yourself!!)