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Mother (parent) with bipolar disorder who is abusive - Carers UK Forum

Mother (parent) with bipolar disorder who is abusive

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi, my mum has bipolar disorder and it has been mostly manageable until nearly 3 years ago when my little brother died in a tragic car accident. After that her bipolar escalated and has been extreme ever since. She has roughly 3 weeks of mania and about 2 weeks of deep depression, when she is happy she is very energetic very involved in my life wants to do things together constantly laughing and doing lots of cleaning etc, but when she is depressed she will stay in bed for weeks and the worst part of it is when she turns on me. It's a gradual thing each day she becomes less friendly more irritated and moody to the point where she is slamming doors screaming and swearing at me locking me out of the house whispering insults outside my bedroom door calling me names and desperately trying to start arguments with me. A few days ago she barricaded herself in her bedroom and didnt come out for days and every now and again she screamed at me when she herd me coming up the stairs and I was so worried I called a doctor and asked for advice. They said they would call me back but instead of calling me they called my mum. After the call she was furious and came into my bedroom and tried to throw a heavy glass bin at me which I managed to stop her, then she jumped on me and started hitting me. I have a 2year old son living here and I cannot cope anymore, she is undiagnosed and refuses to seek help when I try to talk to her she turns nasty and says it's me who needs help. The rest of the family don't realise how severe she is and do not support me. I am stuck here untill after lockdown as my house is sold and waiting to be able to move into a new place. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do in the meantime because shes physically and mentally abusing me and I'm finding it so hard especially with looking after my son too. I desperately want her to seek help and have some support. I have tried to help by calling a doctor and I made the situation a million times worse. Thanks x
Film or record her abuse. Then ring Social Services.
Hi Rosie welcome to the forum

I'm sorry you're going through this with your Mother, it sounds very difficult and upsetting for you. There is help and support available for both of you and action you can take. Our Carer Support team will contact you shortly with a private message. (You can see your private messages by clicking on 'private messages' which is at the top right of the screen)

Best wishes

Hi Rosie, I really hope you have managed to get some help and have been in contact with mental health teams. Please don't feel like there is no help and support, it can be very frustrating when it seems doctors don't understand and make things worse when you are reaching out and having to do it secretly. Hopefully things can get better for you all with the right support