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Adolescent Mental Health Unit

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Good evening, I was wondering whether anybody has any ideas as to how I can deal with my daughter while she is an adolescent mental unit. She has only been in for 2 days and she is crying and begging on the phone to come home. The level of stress has not diminished - I want her home but better - how do I deal with the crying????
I didn't want to ignore your post. I'm sure you've been through very difficult times to get to the point that your daughter is in an adolescent mental health unit. Objectively, you've got to be sympathetic but firm that she needs to stay until she is well enough to come home. It is, of course, very easy for me to say this but I know that us Mums are programmed to want to make things right for our children and it is a very hard thing to do - tough love I think. May be you could phone the unit and find out how your daughter is when she's not crying down the phone to you. She may be better than you imagine. I really feel sorry for you and hope things work out OK for your daughter and you.
Thank you Fuchsia73 for your reply. As a single parent I find it very hard to do tough love especially as the voices she hears tell her that she has to hurt me as I am as much against her as is everyone else. She has been so positive about her admittance however reality has set in.
Hi Red. How are things going now?
Hi Fuchsia

Things are a little better, she's been allowed home leave and attends the unit for 3 days a week, this is not ideal as I feel that she is missing out. I have been thinking and looking to move to an area nearer to the unit so that she can be a day patient for 5 days.
Hi Red, how unfair that the number of days your daughter can attend the unit depends on where you live. What does she currently do for the rest of the week? Is she improving?

Hi Melly

She seems to be improving albeit slowly. We have been discussing matters and have decided that the best plan of action is to move to the Conwy area, this would then be beneficial to her and to myself. She can attend the unit then for 5 days as a day patient which would give them a chance then to deal with her numerous complex issues. It is unfortunate that she is very homesick and so attached to me, perils of being a single parent, I suppose and that it is a 4 hour round journey for us. This is the sad plight of Mental Health Care for children and adolescents in Wales. You either have to stay in the community under the care of CAMHS which frankly is an absolute joke as they are only available between 9am and 5pm and I have been informed by a CAMHS therapist that they are not an emergency service and that's why they are unavailable for 24/7, so when my daughter overdoses or cuts herself to ribbons she is admitted to the A&E dept of our local hospital, which is an 1hr away and then dumped on the paediatric ward, which do not specialise in mental health care or wait for an offer from the unit in Abergele in North Wales or move down to South Wales. It is heartbreaking that there are only 2 specialist unit in Wales for children and adolescents. I would love to start a campaign for better care and facilities but don't really know where to start.
Glad to hear your daughter is making progress. It is a big step to move to a different area but it sounds as if you have weighed everything up. Hope everything goes well.
Hi I'm new on here and like you live in Wales, with a 16 year old daughter that significantly self harms to the point that they have placed her in a secure unit in England (3 half hour drive from home). I can really identify with what you are going through 're: cams team and lack of provision in Wales, any campaign you become involved in or aware of please let me know.
Well we have finally settled here and things seem to be on the up. My daughter will be discharged this week and will hopefully be returning to mainstream education in September - keep everything crossed!!!
Moving to the Conwy area has been very beneficial as I have mentioned before we were having difficulties with my daughter's diabetes and were being refused a pump at Bangor, well, follwoing a visit to Glan Clwyd she has been told that she will be put forward to receive an insulin pump if, over the next 6 months, she can bring her hba1c down and keep her glucose levels at around 8 to 10. What a result!!! Image
Sue42, it is a heartbreaking situation knowing that your daughter needs help and yet having to find it so far away. It seems that it is a lottery. I truly hope that she finds the strength to get better.