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mh getting worse

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
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Tracie, it sounds like you have quite a lot on your plate, and it must be hard to tell the GP everything that is going on, within a standard appointment that only lasts a few minutes. I agree with Corinne that it would be a good idea to write a list of all your symptoms and health worries, then show it to the GP when you have your appointment. It might save time and mean that important symptoms don't get overlooked. Hopefully if you give the GP all that information it will help him to help you.

Good luck with your appointment Tracie.
Hi there tracie

How did you go on at the doctors x
Still got to stay on meds got ones for fibromyalgia fed up because am manic on the increase and it causes heart probs with the fibro meds I really don't want that but no one is listening to me in a bad place as mania worn off and I feel very low
no answers for you Tracie but just wanted you to know been thinking about you.

Bell x
Thanks bell

Feel so so low
Hi there tracie
Glad at least you are on meds for the intense pain you must be in. It's bad that everything we take reacts with antidepressants to cause some other problem ! Give your body time to adjust . We can feel considerably worse before we feel better , so hang on .
Keep in touch. Ttfn
I have had the increase before and sent me manic and it has happend again something is not right in my opinion but cant get anyone to listen or get help I feel so awful been in tears tonight
Hi there tracie
I wish there was something I could do other than talk and offer you support on the forum.
All I can say is I feel bad that you have been in tears . I think all of us on the forum would like to have a magic wand to put everyone's pain and worries in a box and throw them in the sea! We are all fighting , some better than others. Keep sharing maybe someone will have thoughts on what would be your next best move. I am sure of that. I will look every day so keep in touch x ttfn

I just have to deal with things my way as seeking help is a no go area
Feel terrible
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