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mh getting worse

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
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Oh, Tracie - I'm so sorry -

You said you would have to deal with the situation 'your way' - I hope that you can, indeed, find a way to at least lessen what you are going through.

As Corinne says, if only there were a magic wand to wave .....

Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best that you can get -

Kind thoughts, Jenny
Thanks jenny

Way I cope is not ideal way but tried everything else
Hi there tracie
As long as your coping strategy doesn't harm you. If you are feeling bad talk it out on here. We are all suffering one way or another so we can try to understand one another.Just don't stop talking. There are lots of us listening. X

Going to ring out of hours later
Hi there tracie
Glad to hear. X . Keep us posted as to how you go on.
Person I spoke to is brilliant she knows me she very shocked I have no support she is going to let relevant people know last time this happend I got a call to say am not under any service now and to see gp and phone was put down
Hi there tracie
Let's hope that things go better for you this time. I will be thinking about you . X
I have text my advocate because been told see gp or go A and E because not under mh services anymore gp wont refer me as they have not helped me going to A and E done that so many times get told how I feel and what I need no matter how I tell them I have decided yet again am not bothering asking again as it's pointless
Hi tracie
Don't give up love! It's a long uphill struggle and most of the time we feel like its pointless. But we have got to be heard somewhere ! If one of us gives up we might as well throw in the towel-- we fight together all who suffer -- so that one day we will be taken seriously . Keep going and pester whoever you can to get any help you can however small!!
Keep in touch x
Hate being like this
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