mental illness

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
hello to evryone i just wondered if anyone is caring for someone with mental illness.
i just need to speak with someone who knows what i feel right now many thanks ill come back later.
Hi Ash1, yes I do. I've been caring in one way or another for my beautiful wife Jill for 40+ years. Its been a nightmare at times. She has always suffered with depression ever since i've known her. She had had two nervous breakdowns before I met her. I can tell you, I wanted to run a mile when she told me her history.................but alas, I was hooked, totaly.
She used to run up credit cards when she was on a downer. This caught up with me 2.5yrs ago when she had a series of TIAs mini strokes which left her totaly dependant on me as a 24/7 carer. I still love her dearly and will always care for her.
Have a look around the site as I'm sure someone else can help you far better than me. Their a clever lot on here!

All the best to you and keep your chin up,

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Hi, Ash1.

One of my sons, who is insulin dependent diabetic, also suffers from severe depression, and life has been extremely tough, for him and us.

He is over 18, so even when he is going through really tough times, I have to fight and scream for help and support, until I feel as though it is me that is ill, not him at all.

At the moment, life is not too bad. He has just got a flat,although with no money, he has nothing in it, only what we could give him. Like Pete's wife, my son will spend money like there is no tomorrow, and it is his family who end up suffering financially.

I love my son dearly,and it breaks my heart to seem him struggle to get through each day.It also doesn't help that quite a few family members in my husbands family,have turned their backs on us, and been a bit unpleasant.We have to get by each day as best we can.

Good luck.
yeppers, me too, my husband who have bipolar