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Mental health videos - Carers UK Forum

Mental health videos

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Thanks for all the people who made the videos.
I was in a similar situation at the part 2.

Ther is another place (called dipex.org) who did interviews and videos:

For other health concern]http://www.healthtalkonline.org/[/url]
Thankyou so much for these videos, they had me with tears running down my face! Especially video 2 its so close to my situation i wanted to reach in and hug the guy that was looking after his partner. I've struggled alot with feeling not worthy of help. I know how some people have such difficult lives dealing with their loved ones physical illnesses, that I wondered whether I deserved to be here at all sometimes.

But the videos really do hammer home that even though alot of our care isnt physical (domestic chores etc aside) the role can be very demanding. I find myself reeling on a day to day basic mentally. I am being treated for stress/depression and that is a direct result of the illness my partner has and my feelings connected with it. There is guilt, frustration, loneliness and stress mostly connected to the fact that i can't just make him better when every ounce of me feels such pain for him.

So, I have made my first phonecall to carers gateway. I received and info pack a while back, but did nothing. So having spoke to a lovely lady who pateintly explained I do have a need as a carer, I am awaiting my first coffee morning. I intend to drag my mother-in-law with me and start making some friends.

After all, how can i be strong for my partner if my own mental health is sufferring.

Thankyou so much for those links, you have set off a catylist for me, that can only improve my state of mind. Thankyou form the bottom of my heart xx
It was not my attention to make anyone cry Pickles but sometimes tears can be a form of release too.
Anything, whether it be the typed word or videos like this which shows you are not alone has to be good.

I hope everything works out for you.

x x x
Oh dont worry Rosemary i cry over anything! I think it was a mixture of relief and acknowledgement, as well as empathy all rolled into one lol .Either way, its made me take a step i was worried about taking. Thankyou so much xx