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Mental health rehab ward - Carers UK Forum

Mental health rehab ward

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Went to see a mental health rehab ward where my son is supposed to be going next month. So depressing...

The ward has no psychologist for therapy - on maternity leave and no replacement. The ward has no occupational therapist - on maternity leave - though there is an untrained replacement who is apparently good.

I asked about gardening in the wards derelict outdoor space - would obviously be a good activity for patients. Waiting for funding.

I asked about the snooker table in the community room - the only physical activity that was there. Broken - waiting for funding.

In the community room, there was only one chair. The manager said they got chairs out from the meeting room next door. But when? How can people socialise if there isn't anywhere to sit? Patients who weren't in their rooms were just sitting on chairs in the corridor.

The psychiatrist and the manager who I was meeting were both very nice. But it just felt so hopeless. I don't want my son to go there but I can't see a good alternative.

how can people be rehabilitated if the relevant staff and equipment aren't available? It sounds more like a "holding" place where someone would at best stay the same. I'm sorry I don't know enough about the mental health system to offer advice. Perhaps Mind http://mind.org.uk would be able to advise you further.

Hi Fiona
Sounds typical in my limited experience, am sorry to say. All I know is beds and referrals are hard to come by. Somewhere there should be reviews and reports on the facility.
Perhaps also make second and third visits once the initial shock has worn off,
If your son only needs talking therapies then you might find some private routes, but if they are going to try medication then I think it has to be inpatient.
We coped by taking patient out whenever possible and constantly pushing for discharge. Too many m
H patients don't have family support, so those that do are taken more notice of.
Big hugs