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Mental health meltdown - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Mental health meltdown

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
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Thank you hamster wheel xx
Wow, that is wonderful! I know that treating MH with pills is sometimes frowned upon as a 'panacea' but sometimes we DO just need those pills to be stepping stones over a drowning river...

You must be very relieved, and so is he. The talking therapy hopefully will continue the good work.

Cheers! (And it's not often one can post that on the MH thread!) :)
Lovely news, but why didn't anyone else think of these pills before?
Thank you Jenny & Bowlingbun
I'm not sure why these tabs were not a option before, his psychiatrist prescribed the new medication so maybe they are not something a gp can prescribe. Its just great to see the difference. He is a totally different person and that is down to his new meds.
Well, whatever they are, long may they work!
Good morning
I haven't posted for a bit,update on the ex partner...The initial stages of his new medication were very positive, it seems that he now is reverting back to how he was feeling before these new meds but his gp has upped the mg of what he takes so hopefully this may work. Another session with his psychiatrist just before Easter which from what he said went well but no appointment has been made yet for CBT. I have noticed his anger over minor issues is back, his tolerance to things is pretty low whereas at the start of his new meds he seemed on a even keel.
I have started my course in mental health now which does occupy my time,researching, understanding and submitting answers. It has taken time away that I'd be using to help him with any problems or issues he may have but I am doing this for me and to begin applying for employment roles within the mental health sector.
He doubts my ability to complete this course and it is difficult but with the right research I'm understanding what I need to. I don't particularly listen to his negative opinion because I have complete faith in my abilities. It is almost as though he's jealous that I will succeed.
I did lose my temper with him last week because it seems that whatever anyone does to help he's never satisfied, its always he's the one suffering, he's the one going through this. Yes he is but so are all of us around him trying to help. I have taken a major step back to concentrate on things I'm doing.
He will never get on the road to recovery unless he starts helping himself also
Thanks for reading
Hi Christine
Glad to hear you are getting on so well with your course, and don't listen to Mr Negative. It does seem a common trait in those with Mental Health issues to seem to want to be the centre of attention and to keep those around them in an ever decreasing circle of care, so do keep your motivation up and don't be surprised if Mr Negative ramps up his attention seeking behaviours.
Keep telling yourself one of the best ways to help him is to model healthy behaviour which includes looking after yourself

Thank you Mrs Average
I know that the focus has swayed away from him at the moment and this is something I am passionate about doing. I have been for sometime now but it just got placed to the side for a time. I always respond to his negativity with positive response. I emphasize with what he is experiencing and I understand the difficulties and challenges living with a mental health illnesses presents. We are connected because we have a child together but I have gone above and beyond to help him when i really had no obligation to do so. His opinion is that I am doing this course in the hope I can change the person I am and that I am basically wasting my time and money. Well I do not know what that theory is about. I stay positive and do not respond negatively. My reasons for doing this are simple, I'm passionate about mental health and I want to educate myself more.
Well done for keeping so positive. It doesn't really matter what he thinks about your course, it's all about YOU meeting YOUR personal goals.
My husband always knew I was planning to do a degree, I didn't start until later than planned for various reasons, and he really didn't like me doing something that wasn't to do with "us" just "me". However, as I was finishing my degree, he was made redundant, and started up his own business. All of a sudden, my Business Studies degree became VERY useful in a million ways!
After he died, and I was disabled in a car crash, I would have had to sell my house if I hadn't done that degree. It enabled me to earn money whilst still caring for my son with LD and a very disabled mum.
None of us know what the future will hold, and the more qualifications you have, the greater chance of getting a well paid job you enjoy. You are worth it!
Thank you Bowling Bun
I am really enjoying the course,it is difficult but I expected it to be. I do not allow his negativity to distract me from my goals. As I said I do emphasize but it's time to think of myself and the future for myself and my son. He will get better but he has to put the effort in also to make this happen. As I have told him no amount of help will make any difference unless you are also willing to want to help yourself.
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