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Mental health meltdown

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
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I do hope she realises just how VERY young she is to be a mum! I was twice her age when I had my first child (elderly prima gravida!) and I felt absolutely helpless with this tiny scrap of humanity! Terrified I'd make mistakes.

She CANNOT be a bad mum if she loves her little girl. Love is all it takes to be a brilliant parent.... :) :) :)

(I agree 'churchy' things are not for everyone - it was more the 'elderly people' I was thinking of. Maybe visiting an old folks home? How about if, say, she starts volunteering at an animal rescue centre, she goes in with other volunteers taking in 'petting dogs' something like that)

It's going to take a lot suggestions to see which ones 'take'.
Thank you Jenny
I am going to gently run ideas past her and maybe there will be something that interests her. She knows deep down that she is a good mom...her thinking is just clouded at the moment with her mental health issues. Tiny steps each day will soon add up...she's trying to rush and what concerns me is her thoughts that she needs to get better for everyone else. She feels she has to be the daughter. .the sister. .the mom..the friend everyone expects her too be. I'm afraid it doesn't work like that as we know and those that are close to her need to understand she has to get better for herself at her pace....she will get there I'm confident of that but it is not going to happen overnight. She's worrying because she feels it's expected of her to hurry and get better
Good morning
A update on the young woman I was trying to help. She has been moved to a HDU in Bristol after having a meltdown in the hospital she was in. The staff decided they couldn't give her the appropriate support there so it was decided to move her. She is distraught because she has been moved from Birmingham to Bristol making it difficult for her mom to visit with her daughter. She has been there for 5 days now and feels totally isolated and scared. They are currently trying to find a HDU bed closer to home but we know beds are in short supply. I feel terribly sad for her and I'm trying my best to keep her spirit up
Sorry she's in Brighton not Bristol
Birmingham to Brighton is a huge journey.
Has anyone thought of using Skype to keep in touch, so mother and daughter could see each other, and keep in touch without travelling? I do hope she gets well soon.

I had to look after my niece for a few months as SIL got post natal depression. SIL went back to her family in Egypt, taking her 3 year old son, but leaving her daughter behind. Social Services pleaded with me to look after her. I agreed on the understanding that I got extra support with M. I got the baby, but not the promised support!!!
Hi bowling bun
Thank you for your reply. Yes I think they are staying in touch via video calling. I feel for her terribly because she is struggling a lot at the moment with her mental health. She is feeling very low and anxious about being so very far away from home. She's scared where she is and I so wish I could help. She cannot seem to get a handle on her mental health at the moment and doesn't understand why. It's awful for a mother to be apart from her child...especially as hers is still so young. She desperately wants to come back from this relapse and it's upsetting her because she is missing out on each precious day with her baby. She's worried that people will portray her as a bad mother and I reassure her daily that she is just having a bad time at the moment with her mental health and in no way is she a bad mother. Mental health can be so very cruel
Good morning
I wanted to post a update on the young lady I've been trying to help. After 3 months in hospital she was discharged two weeks ago and although had daily visits from her home treatment team she's been still struggling. She's been contacting the crisis team for the last several nights and she's trying so hard to fight this battle but she's given up and relapsed. She took a overdose again last night and is currently in a local A&E department awaiting the RAID team to come and talk with her. It breaks my heart to see such a young lady experiencing so much mental turmoi and trying so hard to recover. She tells me that she feels she's only trying to get better for everyone close to her and not actually for herself. She feels that this is what is expected of her,that she should be able to conquer her demons and she feels a failure because she can't. It doesn't help that certain people around her tell her that she is just attention seeking which is simply not true. She's a young lady that's battling a fight that most of us wouldnt understand. Mental health is cruel and it can be the hardest battle a person may ever face. I'm awaiting the outcome of her talk with the RAID team and I will update later
After a lengthy talk with a member of the RAID Team she was allowed home and put on twice daily home treatment visits. They feel that she is becoming too reliant on being in hospital and by overdosing she hopes that she will get admitted again. She opened up a lot today with me and told me what she had spoken with the RAID team about. It was very difficult to hear all her deepest thoughts on her mental health struggles, it was stripped back and deeply distressing to hear. She's ok at the moment but how long for I don't know. They are working on finding something between her own tenancy as she has now and hospital. That's the update I have for now
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