Mental health meltdown

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Thank you hamster wheel xx
Wow, that is wonderful! I know that treating MH with pills is sometimes frowned upon as a 'panacea' but sometimes we DO just need those pills to be stepping stones over a drowning river...

You must be very relieved, and so is he. The talking therapy hopefully will continue the good work.

Cheers! (And it's not often one can post that on the MH thread!) :)
Lovely news, but why didn't anyone else think of these pills before?
Thank you Jenny & Bowlingbun
I'm not sure why these tabs were not a option before, his psychiatrist prescribed the new medication so maybe they are not something a gp can prescribe. Its just great to see the difference. He is a totally different person and that is down to his new meds.
Well, whatever they are, long may they work!