Mental Health Carers, meet with others with lived experience

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I’m a long term Carer for my son who is diagnosed with severe and enduring schizophrenia. I live in the North West of the UK.
Recently I’ve formed a self help group both on line and in the real world for parents, family, carer’s and friends of those affected by Sz/psychosis and want to reach out to others who might want to connect directly.
More information can be found via the Facebook group at:
I’ve also recently been invited by my local NHS trust to help with the set up of a local MH Carer’s group in Halton and I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has experience (good or bad) of setting up MH Carers groups in other parts of the UK
I look forward to hearing from you
Hi Phil
That all sounds good and proactive. I don't fall into any of your categories but wish you well in your endeavours and hope you keep posting on here for those of us not in the North

Hi I would love to be involved as my son has shizophrenia but I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be so is there another way of being involved ?