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Mental Capacity Assessment - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Mental Capacity Assessment

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
well i discovered today they put a screw in the door so she can't use the toilet in her room. she broke the system, i 'm more worried about the the mains plugs etc.... she now has no sense of danger
Then take a picture of the screw! This is just going from bad to worse. If the cistern is broken it needs mending, pronto - after all, there's not a lot to a cistern if you look inside, just a handle really. No wonder she had an accident, there might be another toilet somewhere else, but I doubt that she could remember where? Be sure to tell CQC who should arrange an "un announced inspection". Can you confirm that it is a home for those suffering from dementia, not just an ordinary care home? (If you are not sure, look on the CQC website. You should also find the most recent reports on the home there). Could this be the purpose of the recent mental capacity assessment?
Well, that depends on her condition. Is she able to understand written text and press buttons on a tablet, for instance ? Differentiating between sensory and cognitive problems is a really basic issue for such assessment, ignoring it borders on being unprofessional. I believe that SocS workers must have certain level of English language proficiency, and that can be controlled.
Hi Robin
I've just read your post and I'm shocked, disgusted and disturbed by the way in which your dear Mum is being treated and the conditions in which she is living. Losing all that weight, her clothes going missing and her living in those appalling conditions is unacceptable! I say that due to the content of your messages here.
Something similar happened to a friends Mum and she reported them and had an investigation. They too were charging a small fortune each month to cover the costs of her care.
If your Mum is living in these conditions then other people who live their will be too and they may not have anyone to speak up and report what is happening here.
It sounds like the home isn't being maintained and more so the people who live their are not being cared for the way in which they should be to a decent standard.
Please do what bowlingbun has suggested and stop what these people are doing. Often I have read that these homes make maximum profit by not providing a clean and safe environment and many get away with it until they are exposed. No one should have to be subjected to having to live/survive in places that are not even fit to look after animals!
Do let us know how you get on.