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Medical Marijuana? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Medical Marijuana?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I got my dad to try medical cannabis. We get it from CBD brothers online, he has had it in tablet and oil forms. He has Parkinsons disease, and lots of arthritis pains. It doesn't seem to do anything for his pain, but in fairness I don't think he has taken enough of it to give it a fair trial for that. He spent a long time reluctant to take it for various reasons, he doesn't want to get addicted to it mostly.

However I have noticed a very marked effect with him and the cannabis oil drops. He has recently lost his voice almost completely. 10-15 minutes after having a couple of drops under his tongue his voice volume returns to about 50% of what it was when he was healthy. Also the Parkinsons "mask" lifts from his face and he has more expression. Generally his mood improves too. He now takes it before he goes to church and finds that he can once again SING which is the thing that devastated him the most when he lost it. He also takes it before attending family parties for the same reason so that he can be understood in group conversations. This effect lasts for about 2 hours. He doesn't take it every day as he regularly forgets to take it.
Be wary of UK Import regulations ... Release web site for guidance :

https://www.release.org.uk/blog/cannabi ... annabidiol
Cannabis confusion – the legality of medicinal CBD in the UK.

I will assume coming in from Spain ... their equivalent of Recorded Delivery , signed for ... trackable through the usual online tracking sites ?

Worth spending a few minutes ... ???
Hi Tired
That is very interesting. I am more supportive if it has beneficial effects in long term or ternlminal conditions, but am still sceptical of what it does to vulnerable or young brains where it seems to exacerbate or cause deterioration in underlying mental health issues.
So pleased it helps him
I agree. If it's used purely as an analgesic for the relief of physical pain, that is one thing. To use it for mental 'respite' is quite, quite different.

It's vital we can learn to be 'happy' without any kind of medical stimulation whatsoever! Or we become addicted to whatever it is - even if its legal. Worse, we may be come 'pyschologically' addicted, which I think can be even more dangerous.
As mentioned earlier , placebos have a vital role to play here.
Placebo effect: Also called the placebo response.

A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo -- a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution -- can sometimes improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.
A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment -- but isn't.

It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of "fake" treatment. What all placebos have in common is that they do not contain an active substance meant to affect health.

Even Hollywood got into the act ... 51st. State ... Samuel L. Jackson ... ???

In some cases , the patient recovered ... with a placebo treatment ? ... and without knowing it was just a placebo ???

I will assume that a few readers have tried to give up smoking ... some through " Dummy " or non tobacco cigarettes ?

( Real fun for some ... me included ... definately no one size fits all solution ! )

Does call into question some diagnosis being made out there ?

... as well as the patient's reaction to said diagnosis ?

The brain ... still a great mystery to all of science ... and to some wearers ?

All individuals react differently to a whole variety of " Goodies " out there.

What did we do before some of these chemical straightjackets flooded the market ?

Some out there do virtually nothing ... apart from making profits for the company owning the rights to them ?

George Orwell would smile ... 1984 ... a society almost totally dependent on chemicals of some description ... including food.

Rest assured ... purely science fiction ... no Government would consider adding that little bit extra to keep the unproductive millions passive ... would they ?

Just over 8 million at the last count ... 9 million by 2020 ?

Pure fantasy ... in 2017 ...

Perhaps the children of our grandchildren will look apon 1984 as being Utopia ... in comparison ?
Seems like this Thread will be topical once again ?

Cannabis based oil and the now , Lord " We've lost the battle ! " Hague ?

Needless to add , more photos of local zombies in the tabloid press ... now as numerous as food banks ? ... first one posted by me of three a mere 40 yards away , outside a local supermarket.

Add Wakefield / Doncaster / Rotherham / Askern / Stainforth / Dinnington / Sheffield ( Stretch between the Interchange and Meadowhall ) to those towns already featured ... from me twirling travels.

All with economic / social problems of their own ... not forgetting housing ... if that was an excuse ???

Local nursery school 'round corner ... " Hi Johnny , what do you want to grow up to be ? "

" A zombie Miss , just like me dad ! " ... not bad for a 6 year old ?

Sugar and " Spice " , and all things ... nasty ?

The Searchers would never have had a hit with that one ?

The traditional " Jamaican Woodbine " to be legalised ?

Anyone tempted should use this existing thread to start the second half.
I would apply extreme caution in using any type of marijuana for mental health issues. From experience, I am a carer for my husband with Bi Polar disorder, it can seriously escalate a mental illness to the point of becoming psychotic and needing hospitalisation.
A timely warning.

The problem is that it really is a case of 'aught for naught' - there is ALWAYS a 'price to pay'.

If we want a magic mushroom to take away emotional pain, we WILL pay for it at some point down the line.

'Doping ourselves up' with ANYTHING to allow us to 'tolerate' mental illness, without actually tackling the CAUSES of that mental illness, is a road to disaster.

It's like taking a painkiller for a physical wound. It DOES NOT HEAL the wound - only allows us to tolerate it. But not for ever, and not for free!
The chorus to legalise cannabis is getting louder :

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... annabis-uk

Durham police chief calls for legalisation of cannabis in UK.

Mike Barton says ban on drug is damaging public safety and market needs to be regulated.

That's all folks !

Purely latest news.

A debate ?

No point ... earlier postings raise the issues that all should consider,

MEDICAL ... not recreational !!!

Many other forums out there for those wanting to add their views on the legalisation issue !
Oh dear , the Government have stepped in !

Just a link and the headline ... tells all what you need to know.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/h ... 48361.html

‘Prohibitive’ £3,655 fee for medicinal cannabis licences under review amid protests from campaigners.

'The swift response by the government this past month will be undermined if these fees are imposed at the end of the licence process.'

IF said " Medicine " IS beneficial for many , why the fee ... and the Panel ?