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Handling money with paranoid schizophrenia - Carers UK Forum

Handling money with paranoid schizophrenia

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hiya found this site and hoping for advice. I've got a granddaughter who's 20 , she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when she was 17 ....she's doing ok at the minute, got her own flat and what have you....her only problem I would say is money!!! she gets quite a bit what with pip ect but she just can't hold onto it , is it her illness or does she just like wasting and spending money ??
Does anyone know if pip could be paid weekly or is it always fortnightly . Thanks in advance xx
Hi Lilian
May be neither. Could be that she's never been taught to budget or always relied on the bank of 'parents' or even 'grandparents' How are you and she with 'Excel' or if that's not an option, old pen and paper and sums? If it's appropriate and she will accept your input how about giving her a lesson or two on incomings and outgoings? Where are Mum and Dad? Not an option?
If she won't listen and keeps overspending then she is considered an adult, (OK young adult) and may have to learn the hard way. All you can do is offer some housekeeping lessons and try to resist bailing her out, because that won't help in the long run.
Google "Mental Capacity Assessment" for more information.
Thanks for the reply Elaine, my granddaughter has help from her Mam and myself, she also has support workers that help , they've done a budget with her a few times it lasts a couple of days then it's spend spend spend . Just this last week we're trying to be hard in not lending her money till next time so she's sold 2 of her guitars and her iPad , she said it's better than borrowing from you all the time. My heart just goes out to her . Her next payment she's going to put half into my bank and I'll keep it for the next week for her so we'll see how that goes, thanks again Lilian xx
IF she agrees, her mum can become her DWP "appointee". So all the money goes into an account in mum's name, and then mum manages the money and dishes it out.
However, she must agree unless she is judged not to have mental capacity.
Does she still live with her parents?
Bowlingbun , she now has her own flat ( next street from her Mam ) and her Mam used to handle her money and it worked well but then she got her own bank account so wanted to do it herself !!! Might try talking to her about it again, thanks for the reply xx
In that case, it's time for TOUGH LOVE. If she runs out of money, then she won't have any money. Other family "helping" will just continue the crazy spending. If she does run out again mum must make appointeeship a condition of her helping.
Hi. My son has schizophrenia and other issues, and no concept of money.
I have been his appointee for the last 10 years and my Mum and I also have lasting power of attorney.
I have all his money paid into an account, where I make sure his bills are paid. He gets x amount per week into his own.account and he has to pay for his cigarettes, food and everything else he wants out of this.
We always discuss his money so he knows where it goes, but he has little concept of it.
Good luck, it's something that always worries me.