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Remeron advice anyone...?! - Carers UK Forum

Remeron advice anyone...?!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hello all, well my Bipolar DH has come out of his dark place long enough to get to see a new GP, he had taken 5 Diazepam a few hours before we had to go so he kind of sat and dribbled - he said he had forgotten and the pain is making him want to just escape from it in the Diazepam sleep. So I had to do most of the talking but at least the GP saw him, he could hardly make it into the surgery!

Anyway, the Doc suggested he starts on Remeron 15mg at night. He seems to be very sleepy can anyone advise how long this is likely to last...the sleepiness. He takes Oxycontin for his back pain so that keeps him awake then he is exhausted which makes him deeper depressed so I am hoping this med will help him get into a regular sleep pattern.

any advice on what to expect would be a comfort...and so I know what to expect...I read about the eating but as the Oxycontin makes him sick all the time thats not a bad thing!
thanks all
Hello superwifey, I'm sorry that I can't answer your question, but hope that you can find someone who can Image

I am glad to hear that your husband saw a GP.

Medication is a major concern isn't it? When my husband's medication was changed & had some top ups, without doctors CLEAR explonation it maked us worry a lot. It is also often left with Carers to find infomation - it should not be this way!!!

Your husband's GP should know all the medication he has been taking, there are any problems by mixing some medication and it's side effects etc. You should feel free to see him again for more information.

I am sorry that I have not got any experience with Remeron. But one thing I learnt lately is: there are many "non licensed medication" (in the UK but licensed in USA) available, which are more modern medication than other meds licensed in the UK only. Especially those meds for mental ill health is worth trying some thing new rather than traditional ones - try asking about it to your GP as well. I am not sure that Remeron is modern or traditional though...

I found some links:


http://depression.about.com/cs/mirtazap ... irtaza.htm

Hope this will help.

Take care.
Thanks for that, those sites are helpful, the internet is great isnt it!!!

My DH seems a lot more stabe on the Remeron, he has only had one manic and down phase since i last wrote and has been less fragile I would say.
He is sufering a lot of pain at the moment and I dont know what he thinks about the future, I am not sure I would live like it myself but I am glad he is here! If we are told again they cannot help him any further i worry what he will do. I would hope to manage his pain better, I am sure there must be better ways for long term pain sufferers instead of more opiates. It shouldnt be such a struggle to get some help should it!

Onwards and upwards...this heat isnt helping one bit!!!
why is his pain not controlled? Does he not have a referral to a pain clinic. It is stressful to be in pain and bipolars should avoid stress if possible so you have every reason to what to help reduce pain adn stress!
changing meds can be a nightmare but also great when it comes right but it takes time. have something nice to look forward to can help and even small steps like having a few nice hours and remembering them each week and how far in a few day s progress has abeen made or at the very least no goign backwards.
good luck with all this - take care of yourself to
Hello all,
I think his pain is as controlled as they can but we have another appointment at the Pain Clinic in a few weeks so I am going to push for something different as all these drugs have played havoc with his stomach, anyway, he needs me now
bye fro now