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Just home from hospital - struggling - Carers UK Forum

Just home from hospital - struggling

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Just come home from being at the hospital for 12 hours after my husband (who has depression and alcohol issues) overdosed on sleeping pills and sedatives along with a lot of alcohol. Luckily it wasn't enough to do severe damage so he was allowed home after being monitored and referred to psychiatry by the mental health team. We are now home but I'm completely struggling to cope - it has been such a long day and he is in one of the foulest moods I've ever seen him in and I'm an absolute wreck. Could use some support.
Welcome to the forum. Sorry, I don't know anything much about MH issues, but others will be along presently who know more.
Oh dear I bet you are shattered. Can hubby get himself to bed? If so, I'd have an early night - in the spare room perhaps, so you get a chance of an undisturbed night's rest? Leave him get on with his foul mood. He may be unwell with MH issues but does that stop him making an effort and showing some consideration? What happens if you yell back? I haven't any knowledge of MH issues either so sorry if I'm writing nonsense. Welcome by the way.
Tried to convince him to go to bed but don't think he will be any time soon. I'm pretty tired too but don't want to go to bed while he's still awake since that's what I did last night (woke up in the morning and phoned the ambulance). Shouting/being angry back definitely will not make things any better right now. He has spoken before about how he often tries to "push me away" when he gets really bad so that it's easier for him to think about "going". There's a good chance that's what's happening now, and/or all the pills and alcohol in his system. Think I have to ride it out for the moment and figure out wher to go from here tomorrow, just finding it hard to get through the night.
Samaritans may help 116 123 or email if you can't talk on phone email jo@Samaritans.org though they don't promise immediate response via email.
Either you or your husband can call

Does he gave a crisis team you can call?
Then there's 999 too
Much as we wish we could do more this kind of situation we are limited being virtual
Xx MrsA