Just adding to problems

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Its hard enough managing my wife's depression, and all I want from the pharmacy is the right drugs as prescribed.
Last week all she wanted was quetiapine 25mg . She got her mirtazapine repeated . So she tried again, waited 5 days( because of the weekend) , and then they were out of stock. They've just delivered them - 100mg tablets! Now we have to wait until next week to get them!
Alex - That's absolutely ridiculous! I hope they manage to get it right on Monday! I hope your wife is managing ok without the meds.

Kind regards.

OMG! Would it be possible to have the prescription and go to another chemist? Apologies if it's not possible.
I do feel for you.
Pet66 . Yes I would have done this, but she wanted to manage her own prescriptions. She had accepted their offer of delivery as she was too angry to think clearly.

Ironically we had switched to using Boots repeat service as her previous pharmacy were even worse! ( Got an apology from their Professional Standards Officer after a long list of errors)