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Just a Worry...... -Carers UK Forum

Just a Worry......

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
........most of you know that Luke, my son, suffers with schizophrenia and is at the moment doing ok and has been for around six months now. Just lately though, he's been a bit down - not sure why...but I received a text from him last night.
It was 'I have a feeling I'm going to die soon'.........

No, not again! That blo*dy illness. If it were a proper person, I would gladly kill it to get it out of the way!

Please, spare a prayer for Luke to have the strength to get through this blip, thanks x
hi, if you need a hand killing it I'm volunteering.

My thoughts are with you and Luke.

I sincerely hope he gets better soon.

Horrible illness.

Take care.
hi there caring i know exactly how you feel my partner suffers from it too so i know what it is to get that sort of text or find that note. it is so hard more so when there have done so well for so long. stay strong and he will come through it with your help and understanding..
tell luke i wont let him- he hasnt been on your CUK account for a while, to get a pm off him lol
he is in my thoughts and so r u, i really hope this is a tiny glitch and he will be ok.
massive hugs
and pass on a few to luke as well
Thoughts are with you and Luke ((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))
Aw, thankyou all for your thoughts xx
Got another text from him last night that he and his girlfriend have parted. I feel so sorry for him. That was something to do with his horrid illness, too. She has a daughter (only three years younger than Luke!) ..but with his paranoia, he thought she wasn't very pleased he was with her Mum...so of course, it has affected his behaviour, such as not wanting to be around when her daughter was there.
Obviously his g/f will support her own daughter, and presumably can't put up with the situation.
The thing is, as Luke's very first indications of him having this condition showed itself when he was about 15, it means that emotionally he got stuck at that age, so, he has to go through all the finding girlfriends and splitting up, etc and all the emotions that go with it, about 15 years later than he would have.
Does that make sense? This condition certainly knows how to create havoc in a person's life.
Sorry to read about Luke.I hope that he is soon able to pick up again,and I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't affect his condition too much.
Big(((((hug))))) Pamela.x
hi there caring how is luke now? hopefully things are getting better for him and you.. thinking of you both
Thanks for asking, Paul.....Yes, Luke is better than he was over Christmas...and his relationship with his girlfriend has weathered the storm and are now back together. I think that his girlfriend having been quite ill over the holiday time didn't help. She has been an enormous help to us too, over the latest shock of Mum passing away. Thanks once again x
i am glad that side has settled back down, i was very sad to hear about your mum, my thoughts are with you. i sent the message about luke before i read about your mum. i feel bad now having asked about luke not knowing you had worest news