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Is this how its going to be? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Is this how its going to be?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I know what you are going through. My husband thinks the water is contaminated and that we are without money. He also has a smell psychosis and thinks sewage is backing up. The medication has been fairly strong and there are some signs of recovery and then bang he is back in a psychotic state. I hate the dictatorial rules he applies to me after spending nearly all my time cooking, cleaning, and making sure he is comfortable. I would not allow him in hospital this time as that would not have helped. It feels as if my own life has gone. So all of you out there in this situation, you have me cheer leading for you. The psychotic images drive me nuts as they are so "off the wall" but nothing persuades him otherwise - like a hydra, when one becomes old he invents a new one. You need to find your own way through all of this and get yourself some me time away from it. I am now doing that. Take care.
Sarah0803, mind and Rethink are charities that are probably better placed to help with intricacies/diagnosis of bipolar disorder and combat stress is great for PTSD related issues. It would help you to see the GP and stress the effect it's having on both you and your little girl. They can push for earlier appointments. Above charities may send outreach worker to help/advise you. Was there any sign of abusive behaviour prior to posting abroad? Rules in child speak sounded very good idea. Trouble is only that empathy could be in short supply possibly if afflicted with an illness. I wish you and your little girl all the very best for a solution. If it is bipolar/depression drugs are available which if taken would ease things in time.
Sorry-just thought about device you use to post messages. Is it your own? Would situation be inflamed if your husband found out you are on any related site. Would be idea to hide your tracks after going onto forum or looking things related to his probs up. Womensaid site and abuse sites give info re covering tracks if you are not sure how.
Whey hey, guys, this is a very old post. This lady last visited this site on Mon Apr 22, 2013 , she is unlikely to be still reading this. Let's just freeze it unless she comes back, shall we?
Wouldn't have replied If I'd realised so old. Came up with new posts. Will look at date from now on.