if a person drinks and has m.h can they be refused help

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi Lesley.
I think this depends where you live and how good your services are.
Two years ago my husbands mental health deteriorated dramatically and he used vodka to support his depression. Mental health services referred him to alcohol services but neither service would take ownership of him as a patient saying he needed to address the other problem so he fell between the services. Shocking.
He was referred two weeks ago to Mental Health Services and they also referred him to Substance Misuse Services and they are now working alongside each other. 😊

She is entitled to help, but firstly she has to want the help. My Husband has severe anxiety and depression, he also self medicates with alcohol.

The GP referered him to the local alcohol and drug therapy service, which he was reluctant to go as was not ready to give up. She also reffered him for group sessions and CBT, do you think she would go?they are very helpful if the individual acknowlege's there is a problem and wants to fix it.

All the best and Good luck! :)
sounds like She is a bit lonely to me nothing wrong with the mind She needs a vocation maybe an outdoor pursuit
stand up be strong fight for your life being a carer does not need You to stop being a human being every one craves attention you need Your own space