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I've teenager with depression.Any advice please! - Carers UK Forum

I've teenager with depression.Any advice please!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi everyone.My teenager has had ME for many years now and although he has much improved from how he was, he still suffers various symptoms and has awful pains,tiredness and a degree of varying disability because of it. He has no friends as he was too ill to ever go to school in the later years. He use to try hard to get involved in the odd group but due to illness he could never physically maintain it, so he has been and is isolated.Over the years I have tried tirelessly, to find something he could comfortably attend or find some support by way of a befriender etc, but this has proved unsuccessful. The main debilitating condition he is suffering at present is depression and anxieties which is like a roller coaster,he has days that are quite ok, then very, very down, paralysing times where he can do nothing for days even weeks. When times are better he struggles and has difficulty being outside and he is always very conscious about some facial features, planning to have surgeries saying that he will then be happier. I have tried constantly persuading him to go to the GP but he refuses. He did go last year to a GP but this was unhelpful, resulting in no help just a referral if he wanted it to a plastic surgeon.I wished I had gone in with him but he preferred going in by himself, he says this visit has put him off going again.He does see a maxillo facial surgeon due to TMJ pain and it has been said it might be possible for him to have jaw surgery due to his jaw not having developed fully, although he doesn't look disfigured at all,and he is pleased with this possibility but worried also that if he visits GP now for depression, that they would not allow him to have the surgery, thinking that he has some other mental illness.Any such surgery on nhs would take two years, he says now that he will not go out for two years until the treatment is complete but that after it he will be happier and will then get on with life.When he isn't as depressed and down he does creative things at home and has the occasional trip out with me or a family member.I know at these times that he would like a friend and someone to talk to and this may really help him, but this connection is difficult to find.I would be so so grateful of any advice, information, anything that anyone can offer. It is heartbreaking to see my son like this. After he has been paralysed with debilitating ME for his young years and early teenage years, he is now paralysed with depression and anxiety.
Thank you, Best wishes xxxx
I would speak to the gp soon as you can

I had a op last year and have mh issues and it was not a problem
Thanks Tracie, thanks for your reply.
I hope your ok yourself. Take care. xxx