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...and so it goes on... - Carers UK Forum

...and so it goes on...

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hey guys.

Not been here much since earlier in the year. Its all getting scarily out of hand. OH has had the worst year I can remember since he was first diagnosed with depression 20 years ago. He was recently diagnosed with a DVT due to inactivity following gout, plus endoscopies for ongoing stomach pains. So a merry round of hospital visits and time off work for me (fortunately they're very understanding).

OH just so ungrateful and grumpy all the time though, with everyone, about everything. I know about his issues (I've lived through it all with him so it'd be pretty hard to miss) but I'm finding it so incredibly testing to get so much grief and hassle for sod all in return. Wondering why I'm bothering right now. Image
Hi rachel, so sorry to hear your having such a bad time at the moment. Hope things improve soon. Image
What help are you getting for yourself? Are you having time/doing things for you?
Take care
Hi Rachel, I have a friend in a similar situation who made the hugely difficult decision to leave her husband. She has now remarried and is so happy and fulfillIed. Not sure that I could have done the same, but we only have one life. Sounds to me like you could benefit hugely from a week away from caring.
Yes - it's been a but much for me as well and I'm struggling to have a life. But I hope yours gets better.
We've had various poeple getting involved with our situation so I'm waiting to see if anything good happens.

The main problem is that I seem to be tied to the situation and can't get on with my life.
Hi Rachelthewife,
the truth is it's crap at times. It's not always crap but at times it is. I care for my wife who suffers from anxiety and depression. I knew this when we met eleven years ago. I fell in love with her regardless. I miss her when she disapears from my understanding. I hate myself when I am short tempered and sharp with my words. I yearn for her to meet me at a point of mutual recognition and I ache to see her peacefully smile in her own contentment.
I ask myself if I am being selfish to ache for such things. I don't know the answer. That's why I came here today. I am glad I did because having read your post I don't feel alone anymore:)
I really do hope that the current cloud passes soon and sunshine filters through for you both.
Like I said it's crap at times but not always.
Hello Isit Love and welcome Image

Normally as you are new, I would have moved your post to new to the forum so that more members would see you and welcome you, but as it's a reply to another person it wouldn't be appropriate.
Perhaps you'd like to introduce yourself in new to the forum? Or alternatively, just join in anywhere Image Image
Hi, Isit love
Welcome to the forum. We all of us here feel alone at times, that is the really good thing about this forum, there is always someone around and even if our carees dont have exactly the same problems, the difficulties we as carers have are pretty similar. We are all in the same boat. Have a look around and post where ever you like. Most of us can be found in the social area and especially in the members corner.