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problem with a bossy mental health nurse. - Carers UK Forum

problem with a bossy mental health nurse.

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
I care for a dear Friend who suffers from both mental & physical health problems. My caree Gordon suffers paranoid schizophrenia, and can not walk more than 20 paces even with 2 sticks. He gets higher DLA care rate & lower mobility rate(Fighting DWP for higher rate Mobility as we speak, well it only took 14 months, 3 appeals, & 1 tribunal to get higher rate care for him!). He also suffers from slurred speech, constant dry mouth & and short term memory loss due to his medication, due to his schizophrenia he refuses to leave the flat unattended in case it gets broken into.

His mental health nurse makes a fortnightly home visit to give him a 100mg of dopixal via an injection. Due to her being scared of dogs I can't stay in the same room as them, as I have to take the dog into the bedroom before she will even enter the flat. she has upset me in the pass by the way she talks down to Gordon and treats him like he's a child. On her last visit she informed him that in future he will have to travel to her office for these injections, as she was not prepared to travel to him anymore!. She made him put it into his diary so he wouldn't forget, she did this without even informing me his Carer. On coming out of the bedroom with the dog after she left Gordon has already forgotten what was said. It was only this morning I discovered what she had done when checking his diary. So rather that driving her company car to do her job, she now wants me to get Gordon who cannot walk, over to her office, we have no transport, and gordon can't walk as far as the bus stop, even if he could it's means taking 2 buses to get there, or take a taxi there and back costing us £25. We would also have to find a dog & flat sitter just to make her life easier I don't think so. I have tried to contact the said nurse who for some reason doesn't seem to want to talk to me. I will try again tomorrow morning and if she still won't talk to me it will be time to talk to her boss. I did down load the Human Rights Act from this great site & I think I found the answer there. It states as follows.
Article 3: Right to be free from
inhuman and degrading treatment
Article 3 covers treatment which causes you to experience extreme pain and
suffering – either physical or mental. Public authorities must not allow you to
be treated in a way which causes you to suffer to this extent. If they are aware
that this may be a risk – or if they should be aware – they have a duty to
step in and take action. It is therefore important to make sure that you raise
any potential human rights issues with a public authority. Because this right is
absolute, there can never be any justification for failing to take action.
For something to count as an Article 3 violation, the suffering does need to be
severe. Whether something is serious enough to be inhuman or degrading will
always depend on the particular circumstances of the case, and in particular, on
how it affects the person in question.
Has anyone else encounted any thing like this?.
Thank you for taking the time to read this any comments would be very welcome.
Regards Gaz.
The nurse appears to be contravening the Disability Discrimination Act, by failing to make "reasonable adjustments" for either of you - you are equally covered by the DDA, as a carer. You count as being disabled "by association". I think that you should make a formal complaint to your line manager, explain the circumstances and ask when you should expect the nurse at your house for the regular injection!
Thank you so much bowling you are the greatest! xxxx
I suggest you report this nurse to the relevant NHS Trust. Her Cynophobia (fear of dogs) clearly renders her unsuitable to conduct domiciliary visits. It is not within her remit to decide the injection venue; particularly as this is clearly to accommodate her own problems rather than seek appropriate help in addressing them. Your CAB should be able to help.