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Hypnotherapy experience? - Carers UK Forum

Hypnotherapy experience?

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.

My sister has Bipolar Disorder and has recently been very low and anxious. It is mainly triggered by her studies at university as within many other areas of her life she is doing okay but when it comes to trying to get on with her studies she quickly becomes significantly unwell.
She has been looking into getting hypnotherapy to help her as she has heard it has been very successful for people who have significant phobias.
Yet, hers is not a phobia, so I was just wondering if anyone had any or knew of any experience with hypnotherapy??

Thank you
Charli x
Hi, my sister had it to help her give up smoking when she was pregnant and it really helped.

I think you have to believe in it and fully engage with it to work.

Other things to try would be CBT or mindfulness.

Thank you for your response Melly1. She does find CBT and mindfulness helpful but at the moment I don't know if it's quite enough. She's also going to review her medication with a psychiatrist to see if that needs altering.

I do think she would be committed to engage fully with hypnotherapy but it's quite expensive and at the moment we're just trying to decide if it's worth spending the money to try.

Thanks again
Charli x
Just to say that I do hope the uni knows of her mental struggles and diagnosis. These days they are usually very sympathetic, and it's essential they have information to show what she is up against, so they can cut her the necessary slack she needs.

The only unis that are 'useless' in that respect are Oxbridge, from what I hear! They couldn't give a toss about their students' wellbeing. The mantra is if you can't hack it, go to a poly......