I need some advice. 2020 has been kind of a crazy year for me. I’ve always had a few mental health issues that I wanted to get help for (anxiety, depression), and this year they’ve effected my life so much that i’ve finally decided to see a therapist about it. Only problem is, it’s kinda expensive. I tore my ACL this year so a lot of my medical expenses go towards physical therapy and paying off my surgery to repair it. I also am a fresh college graduate who wants to save up to get my own house and leave a bit of spending money to hang out with friends. Somehow I feel like paying that 50-100 dollars a session would really stretch me out thin, so i am considering putting it off until at least my medical expenses pay off. Only thing i’m worried about is being held back because i’m not getting better mental health wise. Should i be prioritizing mental health above other things (saving up for a home, time with friends, etc.)? Do you think it won’t hurt to hold off on it for a few more months? Is it worth investing in asap? Share your experiences could use the advice.