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All the signs of depression. - Carers UK Forum

All the signs of depression.

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
It was in one of the papers today about depression, I tick all the boxes, low mood, exhaustion, problems sleeping, not feel like eating.

Its not rocket science.

And many unpaid carers suffer from depression and anxiety from all the stress.

I think as well a couple of charity's have contacted my GP, they have a duty of care if a client of theirs is suicidal.

I did go to the GP suicidal about my friend dying but the GP did nothing.

When is someone going to do something about the high rates of suicide?

I read in the paper about suicides if only they had some help, a waiting list of 3 years for mental health services.

The government was supposed to improve mental health services, its worse if anything.

I literally cannot get any help and support, no one to talk to.

There just seems to be these mental health lines , that i should contact Social Services and they will help.

But Social Services are the problem not the solution.

Why aren't social services providing vital support for unpaid carers, emotional support?

Again its not rocket science, there are schemes set up.

but no one tells you about them.
Hello Londonbound,
I totally agree with you - a lot more needs to be done to help people with mental health problems.

There is a new support group for men on facebook called 'Enlighten the Shadows'.
I heard about it this morning on YouTube 'Lockdown stories: we lost everything,' Rory Green.
I hope this helps,
I was told about calm, campaign against men living miserably, seems to be all about going out for a run and getting more excercise.
I totally agree with this but I have M.E. some days i can barely get out of bed so going for a run impossible.

I have heard about mental health workers having meetings with men in pubs, discuss your problems over a pint of beer , a lot less scary and less clinical than going to the hospital.

Having a long term chronic condition and being an unpaid carer can lead to depression but no one seems to care.

There should be mental health support/emotional support for unpaid carers but there just isn't.