How are you supposed to get help!!!!!!

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi, I am still finding it hard and difficult coping with my husband who has depression and anxiety he takes medication and vitamins, done loads of CBT courses for which he finds really hard to do as he doesn't like to talk much or if he does finds putting into practice the advice they give, also when he hits a real low he wonders off and hits the drink, which causes arguments with us cause he is a totally different person when on the drink and won't listern to reason. I would like to find somewhere which offers proper help and advice possibly a mental health hospital etc which yu don't need a referral from your GP, I say this cause his GP is not really helping in as much as he won't change his meds or increase them or offer us a physo Doctor cause I really feel he needs someone like this, I am finding it all maze and don't know which way to turn..Sorry for long posting, but do hope someone out there has some positive advice for me to which way I should be going...Thankyou...
His suffered for many years and no longer in work cause of the amount of time he had off with this so his company have terminated his employment through ill health, just some back ground info....
Will await some replys,
Hello Wendy and welcome
Unless you can afford to go privately to a psychiatrist, the only route to in-patient treatment is via GP or nhs referral following some severe episode resulting in 'sectioning'
Here's a link to Mind, the mental health charity which explains the process better than I can ... EtEIeiny2c

Unfortunately though, nothing is likely to be done without his consent and alcoholics rarely consent. :(
Best you get to al-anon who support the family of alcoholics
and try to get him to alcoholics anonymous

Hope this helps,
Kind regards