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Any advice welcome - Carers UK Forum

Any advice welcome

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
If anyone has had any experience of this I would be grateful for your thoughts on this. My son who has psychosis keeps randomly yelling obscenities at the top of his voice. There is no pattern to it he can be chatting normally then he tenses up as if being attacked this is then followed by random yelling he doesn't reply if I speak to him and I'm panicking as this is something that hasn't happened since he was first diagnosed 5 years ago does this mean his medication has stopped working . I'm quite scared as I don't know the best way to deal with this and he won't seek help
Hi Debra

I have experienced something recently rather like your situation. As you say, it takes one back to how things were years ago. My daughter does take her meds, so I too thought they were becoming less effective.

You have a right to live in peace, so I would suggest you contact the mental health team. They are very skilled at assessing the situation, and used to dealing with people who resent them visiting.

Put loyalty to what he wants aside, and get help for both of your sakes.

Very best wishes. You will be OK
Thanks comrade it does help to know I'm not alone although I wouldn't wish this on anybody . I have tried ringing the crisis Team on numerous occasions but they won't come out to visit and as he refuses to go to them I'm a bit stuck. He has visited a/e on a couple of occasions over the past few weeks but they just asked him questions ticked some boxes and sent him home. It sort of makes me wonder how bad somebody needs to be before they are admitted to hospital. I have a horrible sick feeling that a tragedy will occur soon regarding my son then it will be too late I feel so let down by the professionals .
Hi Debra

I recognise this. My son sometimes shouts and yells, and won't respond when I talk to him. It seems to happen when he has been off meds for some time, when he's tired or stressed. It is scary but he doesn't escalate to physical aggression and the phase doesn't last once he takes meds again. It's difficult to feel calm while it's happening though, I know.

Is he under the care of a mental health team or CPN now? Can you mention it to them? They may decide to adjust his dose.

My thoughts are with you both.

Just thought I'd say Issac does it too, even when on his meds. I have found it best just to ignore them and not mention them, as he isn't doing anything to harm himself or others (though it does make me jump sometimes :o ). I think it tends to happen more when he's stressed; do you think this is the case with your son?

As for getting help, if the crisis team are not helping, have you tried calling the community team? Even though they are busy, they usually have more time than the crisis team (who are literally stretched to breaking point throughout the country). If you can't find their details, pm me where you live and I'll track them down for you.
Thanks starfish and Stephanie my son is taking his meds regularly but is very stressed as he says the voices are telling him how and where to kill himself :mad: he isn't under the mental health team at the mo but they are taking him back on so maybe that will be helpful trouble is they said it will take some time which I'm not sure we have. It's helpful to know that it's best to not mention the outbursts as I was clueless as to what I should do. When I'm at work I am in charge of a busy ward with lots of challenges which I take in my stride yet at home I'm reduced to a tearful quivering mess by my son probably because I'm emotionally involved and scared . Thank you for your support it really helps
Hi Debra

It is so hard to keep calm, and I often struggle.

Apart from the excellent advice about not responding to disturbed behaviour, I find the most banal interventions such as ‘would you like a cup of tea’ ‘ what are you going to do today’ seem to help. I only have experience of a female with psychosis and maybe this is not relevant for you.

As for the contrast between coping as a professional and as a mum, this is so very true.

At times, I doubt my own sanity.

Best wishes