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New to Bipolar - Carers UK Forum

New to Bipolar

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi there.

new to here but worried about posting but I need help.

My girlfriend of two years is bipolar, and mostly this means for her she feels low and depressed.
Currently she is struggling with hypermanic something I have never encountered. I just feel like everything I say do to help makes it worse.
I really don't know how to help and feel like I can't cope.

Any advice appriciated
Hi Hannah,
Can't help, no experience, but I do want to say welcome and don't worry about posting on here. Everyone 'off loads' or moans or asks for help, or can give support to others. All understand the caring role if not the specific problem. There will be someone along in the next few days who can relate to you and your caring role.
I have been a carer for my husband for the past 18 years, he is bipolar. We have encountered both low and high moods as well as several hospitalisations when he has become manic.
I would advise during the hypermanic stages to try and keep things as calm as possible, try not to argue or be confrontational so that your partners mood doesnt escalate. This is very hard as their behaviour can be very difficult, stroppy and objectionable. I find if I listen, dont judge but dont get sucked in to the crazy and enthusiastic ideas the hypermania can subside. It is difficult when a person has been mostly low to define if they are just picking up and not actually becoming ill. One key thing is sleep, if your partner is sleeping much less or not at all this could be a sign that you might need to contact the doc.
Hope this helps, good luck
Thank you.
Yer I find not rising to it really hard ( we argue a lot and it gets no where !)
She sees someone weekly therapist wise and a I think psychologist and psycatrist once a month. They wouldn't give her any extra meds and wanted her to take an anticonvulsant which is essentially for low moods. But she won't as the long term side effects aren't known. They gave her two weeks of Dizapam and upped her daily med. but she has messed up two job interviews by going in saying how she is better than them all! ( which even if she thought she wouldn't vocalise haha)
Hannah x