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Help with form - ESA50 - Carers UK Forum

Help with form - ESA50

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
A relative of mine suffers from Schizophrenia. He has been asked to fill in a Capability for Work Questionnaire. Assistance from his immediate support team is rather thin on the ground due to leave etc. He is becoming increasingly stressed as the form is due in very soon and his benefits could potentially be stopped. Anyone with some experience of filling this particular form in? Any help and advice would be most appreciated.
I think all these forms are the devil to fill out clearly and accurately even when we are well!

Although I'm not familiar with this particular form, I do know that others here have got 'the full collection' (!!) of SS/NHS forms for caring/benefits, and I do hope they'll be here soon to give some guidance.

I can well understand how stressful it can be. Especially these days when knowing 'how' to say 'the right things' on a form can make a material difference to outcome.
I think Ive done the ESA50 but Im not sure-done so many similar forms regarding ability or disability.
Is your relative at all able to get to a citizen's advice bureau as they can help with these? If not, I wonder if this info from their website is of help

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benef ... sa50-form/

It has got examples of how to fill in questions from a physical health perspective and mental health perspective.

One thing Ive found with similar forms is never expect the assessor will make assumptions, the information you give has to be explicit.
For example, a question was asked regarding whether my mum could walk. At the time mum was walking but wasnt able to balance and so every few steps she would fall backwards. This meant she couldnt walk unaided anywhere. Plus, the longer she walked, the more tired she got which further affected her balance and risk of falls. I was quite explicit about what problems she had, how it affected her independence and what factors increased her risk of adverse events.

But I didnt just limit this to the mobility question, so when it came to the question regarding her ability to wash and dress it was relevant because she couldnt walk to the bathroom. She could wash herself, but only if the tools she needed were in reach as she couldnt walk to fetch and carry. I made those points and the same points Id already made about mobility. I didnt assume the assessor would apply the answer given for mobility to this question of self-care. It made for a long and repetitive form but it worked.
Hi, not sure what area you live in but we have an association for disabled people where you can get help filling in the forms and advice etc. Otherwise your local carers association should also provide help in filling in the forms.