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For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
My employer said they only offer minimum working hours of 30 per week, and nobody works less than this. I have an appointment with the carers department at the job centre on Thursday to find out what I could claim in both situations, and maybe the possibility of them helping find employment to suit around my caring responsibilities because I dont think this company is going to be too flexible.
good luck with that. if i am right you are entitled to flexable working, worth a call to cuk and check..
Hello Ian, welcome to the forum Image

I would put your wife on benefit first too. But of course, it is worth getting information for yourself too. Does your wife have a consultant/psychiatrist? If so, your wife and yourself can access to Advocacy Servcie who can help for all kinds of paper work - no need to feel like I got to do it...Also, give a try to speak to local Mind or/and Rethink they are both specialist of mental illness.

Does your wife takes medication OK?
Make sure that your GP knows you are Carer.

My heart goes out to you...please hang on there it is not easy and take time but things will get better.

Mind: http://www.mind.org.uk/


Take care.
Hello Ian
My Husband and I found ourselves in this same situation a couple of years ago.
Our GP gave my Husband a letter stating the difficulties we faced as a family with a serious mental illness in the family. I became ill myself as a result of the huge responsibility I faced each day caring for our Son.
My H had to leave work ; he had no choice. His company said if and when he could return to work to contact them and they would do their best to employ him again.
Living on benefits, despite what some people think is degrading, stressful, and the struggle enormous. Just paying basic bills has been a strain.
I see you have been offered some very good advice and I hope that you take it and ask for the help and support that you need.
God bless
Thank you, everyone for your great advice I have now resigned from work as there was no other option but I am so confused about the benefits system and not sure if I am doing correctly I seem to get different things from different authorities.
When I was in your situation, I contacted various Government departments and went to CAB for advice. Same questions to all of them and got different answers. I was totally confused.

Then I found Carers UK and phoned there helpline, They were the only ones that advised me correctly. There advisor's are the best that I have ever dealt with.

Over the years I have learnt the Benefit departments and helplines usually haven't a clue what they are talking about.

I have not called carers uk before, I know what you mean about the benefits offices. How do I contact the carers uk helpline?