For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
Hi not sure where to start but i am caring for my husband as he get depressed and anxiety and personal disorder. Not sure if i take anymore as the people who deal with him leave months without seeing anyone and no matter how had i try get no where. So I am have to do it myself but i have no idea what i am doing. I watch him almost died 3 times and he tells me i should of not bothered. Just don't know what to do and how much i can take as he said some nasty things which i know it not him but it still hurts either way.
Hi Julie.

A holding reply before the calvary arrives ... very quiet on this forum as I type.

Recommendation ?

Seek advice from the experts out there ... MIND :

Yellow I NEED HELP button towards the top would be a good start.

Several regulars on the forum will be able to assist / guide you on the day to day problems ... hopefully , in a short while.
Can I ask how old he is?
Claiming any benefits?