hello i look after my schizophrenic partner

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hi tony thank you for your reply my husband paul was going to the clozaril clinic having his blood tests then they would give him his surply of meds there to take home but since this last out burst he has had i hav been told my the hospital that they are changing his meds yet again to summit that he has has in the past i can not remember the name of the new meds i will ave to get the name again but i would of thought if they did not work to well in the past then they not going to now are they.
Hi Joy
Yes I must admit it does seem odd to go back to a medication that did not work first time round, unless they are trying it in conjuction with another medication which they do sometimes, I know we went through a lot of them until the clozaril, but also I was told about clozaril before Jenny got it, but was told they would not try it until all else failed, so I would ask the question as to why go backwards.
It is such a relief to see that there are others out there going through the same things as I am. I`m a carer for my ex-partner who was diagnosed with schizophrenia 6 years ago (we were still together at that stage).... I`m amazed at how similar the symptoms are in other sufferers. ... I can always tell when Geoff is about to slip back into another psychotic episode, but getting help for him before it gets too bad is just a joke. Despite the fact that he has stopped taking his meds and had other episodes several times in the past, he still never gets regular visits from a CPN or care co-ordinator. He was even sectioned last year for a couple of months, and still theres been little follow-up from the NHS. I`m tired of ringing the recovery team and waiting days for them to come out....I know their resources are stretched to the limit...but so it my patience. We have a 15yr old daughter who has seen and experienced things that she never should have, and its so sad that she cannot stand to be around her Dad when hes unwell....
Stilll having read other posts, I can see I`m not alone, which is comforting at least..
Would love to hear from others in this position?